Green Party statement on tragedy of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17

The Green Party conveys its condolences to the families of the victims of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17. The Ukrainian Government has accused pro-Russia rebels in the east of the Ukraine of shooting down the Malaysia Airlines jet with a ground-to-air missile, killing all 298 people on board. “This tragedy has cost the lives of 298 innocent people who have nothing whatsoever to do with the conflict in the Ukraine,” said Green Party global affairs spokesperson Kennedy Graham. “Initial reports...



2014 年6月份  台灣綠黨是公民社會開放的參政平台, 歡迎具有共同政治理念、價值與目標的積極公民加入我們! 公民佔領政治!就是現在,一起來翻轉台灣!  今年的九合一選舉,綠黨同樣不會缺席!基於實踐「參與式民主、非暴力、社會正義、尊重多元、生態智慧、永續性」等六大核心價值,綠黨已在2014年重新建立由下而上的參選提名機制,強化和公民社會的連結,展現「扎根」的決心。同時,綠黨正廣邀學界和社運領袖加入「政策顧問團」,一起為國家發展找出路,期望在2016的大選,能集結台灣各種進步力量,一起翻轉台灣的政治僵局!  截至目前為止,綠黨在台灣各地已有八名正在爭取提名的政治代理人,包括桃園市長候選人呂東杰、以及各地縣市議員候選人:張明麗(基隆七堵)、王鐘銘(新北:淡水三芝石門八里)、楊木萬(新北:土城樹林三峽鶯歌)、王浩宇(桃園中壢)、湯琳翔(桃園平鎮)、梁益誌(高雄三民)、傅靜凡(澎湖馬公... Read More »

Reactions to New Zealand's Climate Protection Package

We all know now we must undergo economic transformation. The Greens are going to lead in that endeavour. Read More »

Extreme weather “picture of the future”

The Green Party is accusing the Government of systematic inaction over climate change, as New Zealand scientists warn the extreme weather battering the country is a “picture of the future”.“The extremes of weather we’re seeing fit with predictions. Climate change is not some distant threat. It is happening now in the form of extremeweather and it is costing communities,” said Green Party climate... Read More »

APGF Newsletter: June 2014

The Asia-Pacific Greens Federation June 2014 Newsletter . Elections Perspectives from Asia-Pacific Greens on recent and upcoming elections: Mongolia: In the previous general election, held in 2012, the Mongolian Green Party received 15,000 votes, 1.36%. The party now has 2,100 members.  Read more at: Read More »

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