NZ Greens support diplomatic, not military, action on ISIS

I have listened closely to the Prime Minister's statement this morning and to this debate over New Zealand's engagement towards the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). In my contribution I want to focus on the broader aspect of the ISIL situation, namely the international action there and New Zealand's policy on that. We note the Government's decision not to send SAS troops to Iraq and we support that, but in answering questions after his speech, the Prime Minister said his Government...


Global Greens News November 2014

Action everywhere! In September Greens joined people around the world mobilising to change the story on climate change while most governments continue recalcitrant. Plus good news from Sweden and election news from Brazil, New Zealand, Bolivia and Canada. Read More »


在瑞士,青年綠人們長期以來主動的組織各種活動,積極向瑞士人宣傳全球暖化的議題。Martin Neukom 解釋了這些行動背後的原因。 瑞士已經明顯感受到全球暖化的衝擊: 冰河正在融化,預計在2050年瑞士只會剩下一條冰河。長期以來冰凍的土地正在解凍,山崩頻傳。而瑞士很可能就快面臨第一次的水資源問題。在十多年前,沒有人相信這些會發生。因此青年綠人們決定以行動宣傳這些問題並推廣可行解決方案。 2005年,青年綠人號召抵制運動休旅車(Sport Utility Vehicle, SUV),並倡議禁止運動休旅車上路。最後,這場活動成功的促使國會提案,限制新車的平均排碳量。 為宣導汽車浪費空間的概念,瑞士綠人們將多達十輛的腳踏車放置於一個停車格中,並且在路上畫上腳踏車的停車格,鼓勵以腳踏車代替汽車。  在蘇黎世(Zurich),每年的九月二十二號,青年綠人們都會組織腳踏車示威活動。... Read More »

UN Security Council Reform Proposals

"...New Zealand, he said, is determined to make a positive contribution, and, in particular, to represent the perspective of small States on the council. We agree, but such a contribution will need an aspirational world view of a kind that I doubt the Prime Minister can even appreciate just yet..." Read More »

Climate Action in the Indian state of Uttarakhand

Workshops held by India's Uttarakhand Parivartan Party as part of the Global Greens climate campaign in September produced the 'Dehradun Resolution on Climate Change' appealing to the world's leadership to commit itself to climate change mitigation. Amongst other things the resolution says: the welfare of living beings has to be strengthened as part and parcel of the ecological system; there has... Read More »