New Zealand Greens' Notice of Motion on Gaza

Motion by MP Kennedy Graham Dr KENNEDY GRAHAM: I seek leave to move a motion without notice or debate on the Israeli bombing of a UN school in Gaza. Mr SPEAKER: Leave is sought for that course of action. Is there any objection? There is none. Dr KENNEDY GRAHAM: I move, That this House note the comment of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon regarding the latest shelling of a school in Gaza: "Nothing is more shameful than attacking sleeping children. ... I want to make it clear that the precise...


The agony of Gaza – What price is the right of self-defence?

by Kennedy Graham As I write, the conflict in Gaza has seen yet another ceasefire deal squandered, with more death and destruction. Israel has repeatedly claimed its right to self-defence as justification for ‘Operation Protective Edge’. That claim is supported by leading Western powers, including the US, EU and UK. In my speech on the Gaza motion in Parliament last week, I said, among other... Read More »

New Zealand criticised by Pacific Island leaders

New Zealand needs to listen to Pacific Island leaders when it comes to climate change action, said the Green Party today.  Discontent with New Zealand and Australia is rife at the 2014 Pacific Islands Forum leaders' summit which commenced today in Palau.  The Finance Minister of the Cook Islands stated that climate change and frustration at the lack of action on it will be running themes at the... Read More »

The Asia-Pacific Greens Federation calls upon the Japanese Government to uphold Article 9

On July 1, 2014, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's cabinet reinterpreted the constitution's Article 9 "peace clause" contrary to it's original intent and empowered Japan's military to take belligerent action against other countries, increasing Japan’s risk of bloody conflict in the future. The government's decision to embrace violence has already begotten violence: in protest to the Article 9... Read More »

Green Party statement on tragedy of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17

The Green Party conveys its condolences to the families of the victims of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17. The Ukrainian Government has accused pro-Russia rebels in the east of the Ukraine of shooting down the Malaysia Airlines jet with a ground-to-air missile, killing all 298 people on board. “This tragedy has cost the lives of 298 innocent people who have nothing whatsoever to do with the... Read More »

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