Global Greens Climate Change Campaign

Dear Global Greens, Today’s a big day. Today is the day that the Global Greens are launching our first campaign - and we want to hear from you! Global warming affects everyone. From government and the grassroots, Green parties everywhere are leading the campaign for urgent solutions to climate change. So many of us have had big successes and learned big lessons - so it’s time to bring together all of our hard work, and make it even bigger. That’s why the two of us - Keli from Taiwan and Josh...



各位全球綠人,大家好! 今天是個大日子。今天是全球綠黨推出第一個活動的日子,我們希望聽到您的聲音! 全球暖化影響到每個人。從政府到基層,世界各國的綠黨皆致力於推動亟待解決的氣候變遷問題的活動。 我們之中有許多人因此經歷過大成功,也得到過大教訓,而現在正是結合我們過去所有的努力,並發揚光大的時候。 這就是為什麼來自台灣的Keli和來自澳大利亞的Josh在這裡幫助您和您的綠黨將您對抗氣候變遷所採取的行動傳達給全球各地人們知道的原因。 您正在採取行動對抗氣候變遷嗎?是參加抗議活動,阻止危險的煤、天然氣或核能計畫的進行嗎?還是規劃社區的太陽能計畫?亦或推動政治改革? 請與我們分享。我們將以各種語言,不只是英文,進行這個活動,請以您的母語寫信給我們,並寄送大量的照片、視頻和故事介紹您的環保行動,我們將確保世界各地的綠人都能看到您的成果 Read More »

APGF calls for real peace and reconciliation in Gaza

The Asia-Pacific Greens Federation (APGF) wholly condemns the violence between Israel and Gaza and appeals to both the local and international communities to do whatever it takes to achieve sustainable peace and reconciliation. This war affects the entire world.  On average, Israel has killed a child in Gaza every hour, for days, in addition to countless innocent civilians; this is utterly... Read More »

NZ Govt must push for fair play in Fiji elections

The New Zealand Government needs to do more to push for human rights and media freedom in Fiji as it stages its first election since the 2006 coup, the Green Party said today. Amnesty International has released a report which documents torture, workers' rights violations and concerns about the lack of government accountability.  Amnesty International has criticised Fiji's human rights record and... Read More »
After the shelling by Israel on a UN-run school in Rafah sheltering some 3,000 displaced people in southern Gaza.

NZ Govt must respond to Israel’s Gaza onslaught

The New Zealand Green Party is calling for new measures in response to the latest round of violence inflicted on Palestine by Israel, including divestment by the New Zealand Government and the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador. Read More »

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