Call for Project Applications!

The Australian Greens International Development Committee (AG-IDC) is calling for proposals from Asia Pacific Greens parties for projects that aim to strengthen party structures, increase membership, improve campaigning ability or are focused on capacity building for key election or campaigning activities.


Deadline: Applications for this funding round close the 23rd October. Application already received will be reviewed 6-7 October with other applications reviewed as received.

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Greens Japan declaration on the relaunch of the Sendai Nuclear Plant

Greens Japan's appeal for an end to an irresponsible way of generating energy This 11 August the Japanese Sendai Nuclear Plant number one reactor was recommissioned as an active nuclear generator - becoming the first reactivation of a nuclear generator in Japan since the Fukushima nuclear accident in 2011. The relaunch was approved under new rules and regulations governing the nuclear sector and is proceeding despite the objections of protest groups locally and nationally. The Green Party of...

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Govt being left behind on clean energy transition

The New Zealand Green Party is calling on the Government to set a goal of 100 percent renewable electricity generation or risk being left behind as industry leads the transition from dirty fossil fuel electricity generation to clean renewable power, the Green Party said today. “The Government’s fossil fuel-focused energy strategy is looking out of touch and out of date following Contact’s... Read More »


2015年8月11日, 緑の党グリーンズジャパン 運営委員会 本日、川内原発1号機において、原発前集会や全国での抗議の声の中、新しい規制基準のもと全国初となる再稼働が行われました。私たち緑の党は、川内原発の再稼働に強く抗議するとともに、あらためて全原発の廃止を訴えます。 政府は、川内原発をはじめ、新規制基準を満たした原発を再稼働する方針を打ち出しています。しかし田中俊一・規制委員会委員長は繰り返し「安全を保障するものではない」と発言しており、住民の避難計画も審査の対象外です。 特に川内原発については、地震や火山噴火への対策の不備が指摘され、周辺自治体の避難計画はきわめて不十分かつ実効性に乏しいものです。また、その避難計画に基づく住民の避難訓練も一度も行なわれていません。このような中で「適合」判断を下した原子力規制委員会、住民の安全を顧みず再稼働を進める九州電力、政府、... Read More »

Youth Building a Just and Peaceful Regional Community

By Elias C. “Kiko” Labro, Jr., August 1, 2015 Dedication: for Alphonse Kion and Albus!  From Tatay Kiko An Activist's Reflection: The Significance of the Youth and the Youth Movement in Building a Just and Peaceful Community in the Region In the early hour of August 22, 1983, I was seated in a corner of a dark alley facing the door of an old lady's house.  Ka Naty, called by her friends and... Read More »

Louise Crossley and the Global Greens Charter

Tribute to Dr. Louise Crossley who, among her many feats & contributions to the Greens movement, prepared the Global Greens Charter. Her commitment, fortitude and inspiration brought the Charter to life.  Louise died in Hobart Tasmania on Thursday 30 June. She made a magnificent contribution and will be greatly missed by the many who were touched through her amazing life. Read about the... Read More »