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Taking Climate Action to the Next Level: Reflections by UN Climate Chief

By: Kennedy Graham, MP (New Zealand) As the ink dries on the Paris Agreement concluded in December, the significance of the event is now being weighed up.  Perhaps unsurprisingly, there are extremes in views.  At one and the same time, it is an ‘historic moment of hope for humanity’; it goes ‘nowhere near far enough’; and it is even a ‘fraud’.   Which is correct?  It depends where you are coming from.   For Christiana Figuerres, Executive Director of UNFCC who, perhaps more than anyone, has...

Map of Green Actions


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Case Study for an Effective Climate Contribution: 2nd post-Paris blog

Dr Kennedy Graham, MP (NZ) The 2015 Paris outcome is going to require higher standards of behaviour from all 196 Parties to the Framework Convention.   The Paris Agreement aims to ‘strengthen the global response to the threat of climate change’; Article 4 provides that “developed country Parties should continue taking the lead by undertaking economy-wide reduction targets”. In the accompanying... Read More »

The NZ Government, for one, has no idea about the ‘Hard Part’ - Post-COP21 blog 1

Dr Kennedy Graham, MP (NZ) The ink is dry now, on the historic Paris Agreement and its accompanying COP-21 implementing decision.   The Agreement will have a leisurely birth as befits a 20th-century multilateral treaty:   It will be open for signature from 22 April ‘16 and ratification from 22 April ’17.   It will come into force when 55 parties comprising 55% of global emissions have ratified,... Read More »
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COP21 Message Global Greens Ambassador

"Think Globally Act Locally" has been the hallmark of Green Party action since we emerged as a political movement in the 1970's and in Paris it was wonderful to be part of hundreds of Greens from all over the world coming together as a growing force, sharing experiences and skills in the campaign to seriously arrest global warming and secure this global agreement. Congratulations and thank you to... Read More »

SOLIDARITAS UNTUK JEPANG Catatan Akhir dari (Perayaan) COP 21 Paris, 30 November sd 12 Desember 2015

COP 21 baru saja berakhir, perdebatan panjang,suasana yang serius, mimik muka yang kecewa, kesan marah dan suasana tegang pun tak terlihat lagi, apa yang bisa diperoleh dari perhelatan besar 195 Negara yang “berkunjung” ke Paris ini?. Kesepakatan yang mengikat secara hukum yang mengharuskan seluruh pasrtisipasi semua negara untuk menjaga pemanasan global dibawah ambang 2 derajat menjadi... Read More »