2010 APGN Open Space Meeting Reports

2010 APGN Open Space Meeting Reports


Fair Share for a Green Future: Issues and opportunities to make it happen

April 30th, 2010
2nd Congress of the Asia Pacific Greens Network
Farmer’s Training Center, Taipei Taiwan


Open Space Technology (OST) is a group meeting process enabling widely diverse, even conflicted, groups and individuals, in any organization or community, to hold inspired meetings and events – for planning, dialogue, information gathering and sharing of experiences. OST harnesses and acknowledges the natural power of self-organization.


OST was invented by Harrison Owen in 1985. It has been used all over the world, with group of 10 people to over 3000 people.


On the first day of APGN congress Open Space Technology was used for participants to share information and connect interests. The OST meeting agenda is determined by the participants themselves, focusing on the theme for which, by virtue of their presence, they have great interest and passion. The following discussions are original notes written by the participants.


Theme: Fair Share for a Green Future- issues and opportunities to make it happen


The Schedule:

10:30-11:30 Opening and agenda setting

11:30-13:30 First Session( including working lunch)

13:30-15:00 Second Session

15:00-16:30 Third Session

16:30-17:00 Reading reports

17:00-17:30 Closing sharing


Facilitation team:

• Jorie Wu, IAF- certified professional facilitator , Managing Director, CP Yen Foundation

• Jackie Chang, IAF-Asia Representative, Board Director, CP Yen Foundation

• Keli Yen, Project manager, CP Yen Foundation • Gail West, Managing Director, Institute of Cultural Affairs