APGF Council

The APGF Council is responsible for governing the APGF and promoting the implementation of the Global Greens Charter in the Asia-Pacific region. This role was previously carried out by the APGF Coordination Committee (APGCC).

The current APGF Council are listed below, and the next APGF Annual General Meeting will be held 13 October 2019. 


APGF Co-Convenor: Tika Dhoj Bhandari

APGF Co-convenor: Snigha Tiwari

APGF General Secretary: Nick Cooper

APGF Treasurer: Bob Hale

APGF Deputy Treasurer: Anita Nautiyal

Australian Greens Councillors: Bob Hale and Rose Read

Bangaldesh Greens Councillor: Mansur Ahmed

Uttarakhand Parivartan Party (UKPP) Councillor: Snigdha Tiwari

Greens Japan Councillor: Rikiya Adachi

Green Party Korea Councillor: Chulseong Lee

Green Party of Iraq Councillor: Akram Almosuli

Green Party of Lebanon: Imad Farhat

Green Party of Mongolia: Ms. Ninjin Bum-Yalagch

Nepali Greens Councillor: Tika Dhoj Bandari

Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand Councillor: Melanie Chapman

Pakistan Green Party Councillor: Khursheed Chandio

Trees Party Taiwan Councillor:


The APGF Council's activities include:

Facilitating information exchange and networking and keeping up-to-date membership and contact lists;

Strengthening linkages between the member organisations;

Publishing statements on behalf of the APGF aligned with the principles of the Global Greens Charter, declarations and resolutions agreed at Congresses;

Establishing and overseeing committees for members to be involved in the regular operations of the APGF, a Membership Panel whose task is to consider membership applications, and Action Groups for issue-based campaigns;

Identifying, encouraging and supporting organisations who are in the process of establishing themselves as Green Parties or organisations that would qualify for any level of membership;

Managing APGF funds and providing annual account statements to the membership;

Assuming overall responsibility for the web-pages and email lists of the APGF;

Considering issues referred to the APGF by the Global Greens Coordination (GGC) or which are on the agenda of a forthcoming GGC meeting;

Drawing up yearly operational plans for the APGF consistent with the five-year Strategic Plan and approving such plans after consultation with the Members’ Network;

Selecting the time and place for the next APGF Congress and establishing its organising committee;

Preparing a draft Strategic Plan before each Congress;

Ensure that member organisations are kept informed of its activities;

Drawing up standing orders for its own meetings, and those of the Membership Panel, other Working Committees, and Action Groups;

Carrying out fund-raising activities after consultation with the Member’s Network;

Managing the APGF Secretariat;

Organising and chairing business meetings at the general APGF Congress.

Rules on Council membership and decision-making are cited in the APGF Rule Book.