Actions to improve Gender Equity | Asia Pacific Greens

Actions to improve Gender Equity


It is a goal of APGF that all member Parties will undertake a Program of Action that sets targets for women's participation, training, recruitment, leadership, exposure and political candidature.  We also intend to help parties monitor and report on their progress in meeting these targets.

There are many different actions a Green party can take to address gender equity when recruiting women, empowering, and training of women as leaders, and selecting women candidates to contest elections.  Different parties and cultures have different needs so here are some of the many ways other parties have done this work. We are constantly adding new action ideas and examples from other parties.  


Establish networking avenues so women's networks and reference groups can help to inform the party leadership and decision-making.  

Creating Women's networks within parties and organisations will help build leadership skills and enable the decision making to be fully informed about women's concerns.  APGF has a Women's Network (APGFWN) which is highly effective and has representation on the APGF Council. Women's network's can:


  • Expand and train the pool of women candidates and support the placement of women candidates in winning seats.

  • Design programs to engage women in the political process as voters, activists, and candidates through training, inspiration, and networking.

  • Increase women’s visibility in campaigns by supporting media exposure and providing information to voters that include specific messages highlighting the importance of women’s votes and women’s rights to vote as equal members of society.

  • Espouse measures and code of ethics to protect women candidates from hostile environments in electoral campaigns.

  • Work with civil society organizations (CSOs) to oversee the implementation of gender equity.  

  • Share experiences with other parties across countries and regions.

  • Monitor elections, by recruiting women as party agents to be present at polling stations, particularly if those polling stations are allocated for women only.

  • Hold regular training sessions on sexual harassment for all staff members, including managers, supervisors, and workers.  These sessions can also be delivered to all Green Party members.

  • Train women candidates in skills such as fundraising, message development, media relations, and communicating with voters.

  • Publicize positions in the party that are specific to women, which could also attract more women’s votes for the party.

  • Invest in opportunities that promote women's involvement in leadership and office-bearer roles, like mentoring programs.