REAL Climate Action

The People's Climate march being organised to coincide with UN climate meetings in New York has adopted the slogan 'Action, not Words', meaning asking governments worldwide to stop talking and take action. In Australia, there'll be equal emphasis on what 'the people' can do themselves, since our government is currently not listening well. Accordingly, CORENA has launched a strategy to make September 20-21 a day of REAL Climate Action in Australia.

WHAT – people-powered funding for Australia’s first citizen-owned solar thermal plant

TARGET – $5 million to get started (overall target approx $300 million)

HOW – everyone going (or not!) to rallies and events chipping in $100 (get friends and family to help if you need to) OR, if it suits you better, set up a regular weekly or monthly contribution. If 240,000 people chip in $8/week for ONE year, we’d have $100 million.

You can chip in here right now!

WHEN – between now and September 21 for secure online donations or for setting up regular weekly/monthly contributions, or via smart phones or donation buckets at events on the day.

SEEKING – collaborations with climate action groups all over Australia so we can make this huge!! Collaborating groups can ask their supporters to enter the group’s name in the comment or reference field when they chip in. The cumulative amount from your group will appear next to your entry below. (Email: [email protected])

OpenLayers Example Geofield Input: 
POINT (138.6875812 -34.8304234)
PO Box 884
Modbury SA 5092