US Green Party videos: Speeches by Greens at a rally before the Climate March in New York City, panels at the Climate Convergence, and interviews

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Green Party of the United States has posted videos of party leaders and candidates speaking at a rally before the beginning of the People's Climate March in New York City on Sunday, September 21 (

Most of the videos, listed and linked below, were recorded by Craig Seeman at the Green Party's gathering spot before the march, on Central Park West near 79th Street.

Mr. Seeman and Sanda Everette recorded panels featuring Greens during the Climate Convergence, "a weekend packed with skill-shares, teach-ins, speak-outs and protests from September 19-21 in conjunction with the People's Climate March" ( The panels were aired on the Green Party's Livestream Channel and are now posted on the Livestream page (

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Jill Stein interview about the Global Climate Convergence

JILL STEIN talks about that massive, magical, mystery tour of a march in New York City this equinox Sunday, and what it means for the future of our climate.

Not just the climate of our planet in terms of temperature, pollution and emissions.  But the climate of our politics, our economic justice, our relations between the races and genders, our embrace of differing sexual preferences, world views, religions, social classes (which must be abolished), corporate personhood (which is insane) and so much more.

JILL was the GREEN PARTY NOMINEE FOR PRESIDENT in 2012 and a key coordinator of this astounding march.  She talks further of the need for coordinated global action, constantly at the grassroots, and for a worldwide day of taking charge and of confirming that we do have the power as long as we choose to exercise it.

For inspiration and vision from a truly great activist, don’t miss this discussion.  We will have her back soon.

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Elizabeth May Green Canadian MP speak at People's Climate March NYC

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