APGF Womens Network Webinar series

APGF Womens Network, Australian Study Tour 2018
APGF Womens Network, Australian Study Tour 2018

In 2018, the Asia Pacific Womens Netwrk held a number of Webinars featuring Green women from around the globe.  Each woman brought a wealth of experience and knoweldge to issues of great importance to Green women around the world.  This series has been so successful that we have continued it through 2019.  Here you will find the archived films of these webinars, and please, check back often for updates of the most recent webinars.

Ella S. Prihatini is a veteran journalist and in her last semester of Ph.D. at the University of Western Australia (UWA), Perth. She holds a BA in International Relations (University of Gadjah Mada/UGM, Yogyakarta) and Master of Development Practice (University of Queensland/UQ, Brisbane). Her research interests focus on electoral politics, comparative studies, gender, and Indonesia.

Catherine Delahunty, Women and Water  September 2018

Catherine Delahunty has been activist all her adult life in Environmental issues, Social justice  and Recognition of Indigenous Rights. She was Co-ordinator of Anti Gold Mining campaign group Coromandel Watchdog of Hauraki for 3 years and has been a member of the group for 30 years.

Metiria Turei was a member of parliament for the Green Party Aotearoa New Zealand from 2002 to 2017 and its co-leader from 2009.  She has recently retired from politics and is now studying at the Dunedin School of Art. She has a law degree from Auckland Univeristy and spent many years as a poverty activist, fighting for the rghts of families to a decent income and quality housing.
Vesna has joined young greens in 2006 and ever since worked hard to understand, promote and expand Green agenda. She started her Green path in Serbian young greens, as female spokesperson and later as Secretary. After that Vesna focused on Eastern Europe, woking in the Cooperation and development network, organisation that was supporting the capacities of young, green activists in the region.  Today she works in the European Green Party, as liaison to national European member parties, supporting them in their work on European and regional level.
APGF Womens Network, Australian Study Tour 2018