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APGFWN Case Studies


The Asia Pacific Greens Women’s Network was formed in November 2015 with members from Green parties in Australia, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Japan, Korea, Lebanon, Mongolia, Nepal, New Zealand, Palestine, Pakistan, Philippines, Solomon Islands, Bangladesh, Papua New Guinea (PNG), and Taiwan. 

Asia Pacific Green Federation Women Network (APGFWN) through project support from the Australian Greens International Development Committee (IDC) has implemented this Gender Equity Online Toolkit; a successful Mentorship & Webinar program now entering its fourth year, and in 2019 we started our in-country Gender Equity trainings with a pilot project in India. The overarching objectives were to:

  • Have Gender Equity adopted inside the Green parties of APGF with equal representation and participation of women
  • Improve the confidence and skills of women through training and motivational programs.
The work of the projects launched since 2018 has been made into reports and case studies. 

1. India Green Party Gender Equity Training, November 2019: In  2019 APGFWN the First Gender Equity Implementation training Workshop was held in India with the India Greens party. A two-day training program was conducted with 18 women members from the India Greens party which resulted in creating a national Women’s Network for the party and developed a two-year road map and action plan for the Women’s Network. A half-day Gender Sensitivity Training was also conducted for men and women at the party. Please read the case study of India to learn more about the Training program.

To learn more about Gender Equity training in India click to view interview with Michelle sheather(IDC Coordinator, Australian Greens): Michelle Interview with IGP on Gender Equity

Click to view the Interview of Rachana Shrestha (APGFWN Secretary, Nepali Greens) with India Green Party: Rachana Interview with IGP



2. Nepali Greens first participation in the National Election 201and preparation for upcoming Election 2022

Two female candidates contested the national parliamentary election of the Nepali Greens Party. It was the first instance the Nepali Greens stood candidates and only female candidates were selected. 

3. She will Run Project by Green Party of Korea(Summary)

She Will Run 2020 was a Green Party Korea's project that aimed to foster and support young women who aspire to hold a green political career by providing them with a step-by-step training towards a candidacy. The project was launched on 15 April 2019 as it was a year-long program running up to the 21st General Election of South Korea, held on 15 April 2020. 

To read the full version of She will Run Project Case study click here: She Will Run(Full version)

For the more information click on the case study and also the APGFWN webinar by Shin Jiye: Feminist Leader of Green Party Korea


 4.  Green Party of Lebanon first participation on Lebanon General Election 2018

The Green Party of Lebanon had its last general elections on May 6, 2018 - 9 years from the last parliamentary election. The election was originally scheduled for 2013 but was postponed three times under various pretexts including security issues, the failure of the parliament to elect a president, and the technical requirements of holding an election. The Green Party of Lebanon participated for the first time in the General Election. Two female candidates and one male candidate stood for the Election at that tome one of the female candidates was also President of the party. 



5.  Two half day Online training for Mentees: 

Two Half Day Online Training for Mentees successfully concluded in April  2020. The Training Program was conducted on April 18 and 25. 

The training was conducted to : 

1. Increasing Skills, capabilities and confidence of women members in Green Parties in APGF through webinars

2. The increasing involvement of women as leaders in parties through mentoring and case studies

3. The increasing involvement of women on party executives and as candidates and representatives of their national parties and  APGFWN.

4.  Build the alumni of APGFWN mentees from the past three years’ intake for future exchanges and support.

A total 18 Participants were present on the training program. Christine Milne ( Global Greens Ambassador and former parliamentary leader Australian Green party); and Saruul Tovuusuren (Mongolian Greens Women's Leader + APGFWN Co-Convenor) were keynote speakers on Women in Leadership and Knowing Your Legal Rights as Women respectively. Both of the guest speaker's presentations can be found on the APGFWN webinar and YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FY-5jfzo7aI

The trainers for the program were Michelle Sheather (Australian Greens IDC Coordinator + trainer and mentor), Anita Nautiyal (India Greens + APGFWN mentoring & Webinar coordinator + APGF Deputy Treasurer ), Rachana Shrestha (International Co secretary Green Party of Nepal / Office Bearer and Core Member in Party and Women Council, Nepali Greens +APGF trainee + APGFWN Secretary).