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Request for Proposals: Party Database Project (Phase 2) - Implementation

APGF is seeking a consultant or vendor to perform the implementation stage of its Party Database Project. The project will be to implement a CiviCRM member and supporter database for 2 APGF members parties, maintain the databases for one year, and integrate the database with the parties' websites.

Please find the Request for Proposals document attached, which contains details about the project. The total project budget is $18,500 Australian Dollars.

Proposals are due by 18 July 2021.


August APGFWN Webinar: Developing an election campaign - Developing a strategy and plan and implementing it

August Webinar:  Developing an election campaign - Developing a strategy and plan and implementing it

Date and Time: Thursday, August 5th , 2021: 6 am UTC

Register at: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZUpcOivqTMsEtwgWkvSBFXrN_yjoTQxdVMh

August Webinar



June APGFWN Webinar: Facilitating and organising meetings

June Webinar: Facilitating and organising meetings

Date and Time: Thursday, June 3, 2021: 6 am UTC

Register at: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZUpcOivqTMsEtwgWkvSBFXrN_yjoTQxdVMh


APGF Statement on Violence in Palestine and Israel

The Asia-Pacific Greens Federation condemns Israel’s indiscriminate bombing campaign against the Palestinian people, which has already left at least 109 dead in Gaza, including at least 27 children. We call upon the Israeli Government to cease its military escalation, attacks, and ground invasion, which result only in more bloodshed and endless cycles of reprisals.


APGFWN Webinar/ Mini Course - Skill Development and leadership program for women

Asia Pacific Green Federation Women's Network(APGFWN) is organizing 3 Modules of webinar starting first module in April, June and August. Join us in this series of webinars to learn the skills and techniques required in setting up a women network , facilitating and organizing meetings and developing and planning strategy for the election campaign and implementing it! 


Statement: APGF condemns Myanmar junta and stands with the Spring Revolution

The Asia-Pacific Greens Federation (APGF) condemns the illegitimate military junta of Myamnar for the mass murder of more than 114 peaceful protesters this weekend. We call on all countries, the UN and its agencies, governments, businesses and peoples to join the movement to sanction, boycott, arrest, and prosecute the Myanmar military and their associates.

The violent overthrow of a democratically-elected government and slaughter of peaceful protesters is abhorrent. Perpetrators must be held to account.


April Webinar: Setting up a Women’s Network in Green parties

Date and Time: Thursday, April 1, 2021: 6 am UTC   


      Please join the webinar and get to know the process and importance of setting up a Women’s Network inside a Green party.


APGF's 2020 Annual Report is now available

2020 was a big year for APGF, with new parties joining, the Young Greens Network restarting, the Women's Network expanding and implementing projects across the region, and many other achievements.

That is why we are so pleased to announce the release of our 2020 APGF Annual Report, which you can find below.

We couldn't do such amazing work without our donors, supporters, and volunteers. So to everyone who supported our work in 2020, thank you so much for all you do to help us and the Green movement change the world.


Welcome to Seni Nabou, APGF's new Pacific Women's Outreach Coordinator!

We are very excited to announce that Seni Nabou will be joining APGF as our Pacific Women's Outreach Coordinator!
Seni is very experienced at national government (Fiji), regional government (South Pacific Forum, South Pacific Economic Commission), and UN level negotiations and liaison.

Exciting opportunity - Pacific Women’s Outreach​ Project Coordinator for​ ​the APGF Women’s Network - deadline 31 January

This is an exciting opportunity to work as the Pacific Women’s Outreach Project Coordinator of the Asia-Pacific Greens Federation Women’s Network!

This is a fixed-term 7 month role of approximately 20 hours per month that can be done from home anywhere in the Asia-Pacific region. If you are a woman and have a passion for international Green politics and have experience working in the Pacific region, this is a great opportunity for you.