Winning the Votes with Local Issues

Learning from Members of Parliament Green and Green Party candidate -Australia

by: Ade Indriani Zuchri, General Secretary, Indonesian Green Union

"I did not come as a politician or a politian candidate, I came because I had to help people in my area who suffered injustice in environmental issues, I’m not fighting for myself, I have been an environmental activist for 25 years, and there is no reason for me not to care and pretend to do not know what is experienced by people of my region." (Jenny Leong-Parliamentarians Sydney who received 45% votes).
Jenny's statement is very inspiring, especially for myself, because for years we seemed to let a mistake that the local community is the party that should be aided by our knowledge as “smart” so the concept of structuring the activities and forms of help came from the initiative of politicians. Another error that often we do is believe that the politicians who come to our territory are those who sincerely will help the problems of local communities, as a result, when they won the election, they went away and seemed fled, and local communities will be continuously experiencing the same thing, even finally  become habit-changing wisdom of the people who originally provided the information, then suddenly changed becomes very transactional, people are willing to be deceived by redeeming their problems with a nominal that is priceless. As a result, money politic in the campaign becomes common thing.
The same was done by Mike Hall (Member of the Manly Green Party who will advance as a member Legislative member at Manly on 02 July 2016), personally, I spoke with Mike and convey some questions, what are the important issues for Mike who decided to go forward as a member of Parliamentarians Manly? as the Green by Mike, the responsibility for environmental issues have become one of the burdens that must be resolved by Global Green, not because we are the greens, but because we are the ones who have had caring more than others, we will deeply troubled by the problems of refugees, injustice done to local communities, or we are more sensitive to talk about human rights violations and wants justice for a better society, people will not be reactionary when they heard about on the issue of refugees from agfanistan, pakistan, syria coming into Australia but was rejected by the Australian government, or the people do not care to respond the problems about Human Rights that they think there is no problem about it, or who would care about climate change, the issue of renewable energy, about how we save water, or how the houses of rich people who are close to the shoreline in Manly becomes an issue, or about how the Government of Manly who will sell a hospital to the private sector that will build the apartment, they thought it was normal and what was wrong with it, but for us as the greens, we are very disturbed by many environmental problems that will destroy our lives, our children and grandchildren in the future.

For some politicians may be the way it is very ineffective and time-consuming, because they have money, they certainly can solve many problems with their money, but politics is not about money, politics is a matter of ideas, where everyone has an idea will sincerely work equally, and future environmental issues will become a major issue, which at this time we are already feeling a little impact caused by climate change, the distribution of clean water began to fail, the food community also began to fail, some have gone from kind of food commonly grown by farmers, pollution increasingly intrusive, and public spaces are getting lost. What  do the The Greens must be different in ways that have been made by many politicians who take a simple  way, like what was done by Jenny leong and Mike Hall to arrange beforehand to recruit volunteers who volunteered to work for the victory of Mike and Jenny, and also aims to get more people to join the Green Party of Australia, Jenny and Mike helped quite a lot of volunteers who help winning them, which is unique is, volunteers who have been recruited will be revealed at the constituency of  Jenny and Mike were any volunteers map the environmental problems happens, they do analysis and collect opinions and feedback from the public, and what should have done by the Green Party, especially of the candidates, after input and issues of data collected, the volunteer will arrange campaign strategy that allows this issue known by many people in that region.

Indeed method formulated by Jenny and Mike have been made by Indonesia Green Union, the Central Board of Indonesia Green Union along with the Chairman of the Executive Board of the Territory in 7 Provinces Members jointly draw up a concept to assist and facilitate the candidates who will become a member legislature at both the District or City and Province called the Green Village Development Region-based, concept or scheme has been introduced to the chairman of the branch of Indonesia Green Union in the workshop on Green Village Development based on lanscape in Palembang, South Sumatra, on 21 April 2016 ago. Scheme Green Village Developmnet based on Landscape will be mapping tools and analysis on the issue of living environment, social, political, economic and cultural local level, the mapping and analysis will be performed by each member of Indonesia Green Union, mapping and analysis will be used by the candidates to prepare a work plan to set the agenda in the campaign, media campaign and ways of solving problems faced by local communities.

In General, Indonesia Green Union has done incredible things well, it’s just the question whether it will be done massively and consistently? Because in the words of Mike, be The Greens is must, because we have looked at the differences in social issues, this environment is in contrast to the owners of capital, power, and those who become an arm of the investor.  As stated Mike Hall, Indonesia is a great country with great potential voters, and the Green Party is the estuary that allows it to be a way out, it’s just that we are determined that what we are doing is for the benefit of generations to live better.

Sydney, 18 May 2016.