APGF 3rd Congress, Wellington, New Zealand, 12 June – 14 June 2015 | Asia Pacific Greens

APGF 3rd Congress, Wellington, New Zealand, 12 June – 14 June 2015

Kia Ora! The Asia-Pacific Greens Federation welcomes you to New Zealand with the Māori greeting literally meaning "be well" - "kia ora" for our ecology, our society and our planet.

The Asia-Pacific Greens are gathering for the 3rd time since our emergence 15 years ago.  We are the Green Parties of the Asia-Pacific region including Mongolia, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, India, Nepal, Philippines, Pakistan, New Zealand, Australia, with many other countries yet to join the federation.

At this 3rd congress we will gather to discuss deeply pressing issues for our Asia-Pacific region including climate change, energy, economy, elections and policy.  We will establish a new constitution, rule book and strategic plan for the federation.  We will select our new governing body and our representatives to the Global Greens.  We will celebrate our achievements and we will work on the challenges that we individually and collectively face as Green parties.  This is an important meeting, and I am proud to be a participant.

The congress will be hosted for the first time in the Pacific region and for the first time in New Zealand!  The Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand has achieved 25 years of Green leadership since entering parliament in 1990, and now with 14 members of parliament, the party has a lot to share and to inspire the green community with.  The Asia-Pacific Greens Federation celebrates the opportunity to learn and grow with the New Zealand Greens and to discover how we are all connected to the same green values, issues and earth.  

You are welcome to join the Asia Pacific Greens Federation in this milestone meeting!

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