Nepali Greens climate speech, by Ballav Timalsina | Asia Pacific Greens

Nepali Greens climate speech, by Ballav Timalsina


Thanks to APGF governing body very much for inviting Nepali Greens in this grand forum, thanks to APGF staffs who made this event a grand success. My dear friends and respected Dr. Kennedy,

There is a general understanding that Climate Change has been adversely impacting Nepal rather disproportionately compared to its size and its own too little contribution of the green house gases. However, given its location between two rapidly growing economies of India and China, Nepal cannot escape the rapidly increasing influence of climate changes. Nepal is in the verge of such giant economics. 

The effects that Nepal face due to the temperature rise as as follow ;

1. The rapidly retreating glaciers (average retreat of more than 30 m/year), rapid rise in temperature (>0.06°C),

2. unpredictable rainfalls and increase in the extreme events such as floods and drought like situation are some of the effects Nepal is facing during the last few years.

3. On the other hand the impact of climate change has been directly related with the livelihood of the rural people and specially the farmers.

4. Nepal is largely a mountainous country and current indications are that the mountain regions are more vulnerable due to increased warming trends. These alarming trends not only make Nepal's major sectors of economy such as agriculture, tourism and energy more vulnerable but also endanger the health, safety and well being of Nepali people. Biodiversity - the other important resources of Nepal is also being affected as invasive species will spread fast and useful medicinal, food and nutrition related plants may disappear.

Well, If we talk about the manifestos of the political parties, there is not any clear vision to address the adverse effect of climate change. No doubt all three major political parties, the UCPN (Maoist), the Nepali Congress (NC) and the CPN (UML), have touched upon the issue of climate change in just one or two sentences in their manifesto.  However, none of them has outlined what they plan to do in order to deal with the effects of climate change if they get to lead the government. They are also silent about how they want to raise the issue of climate change on global platforms.

In my opinion the regional organizations like APGF and the Global Greens must take the lead to save our planet and must influence to the industrialized countries and their governments to lessen and reduce the carbon emission. Since Global Greens has been an observer of the UNFCCC, there should be the opportunities to influence the UN and other global stakeholders. 

Nepali Greens climate speech, by Ballav Timalsina