APGFWN Webinar : Feminist Leader of Green Party Korea, Shin-Jiye


Topic: Feminist Leader of Green Party Korea

Speaker: Shin Jiye

Date: August 7, 2019

Shin Jiye is the current Co-leader of Green Party Korea and was Former co-leader of Green Party Seoul. She has been the youngest Seoul mayoral candidate in history.Promoting herself as a 'Feminist Seoul Mayor', she became a symbolic political icon against Patriarchal political environment of South Korea.

Since, she was 15 she has played a role as a youth activist fighting against rigid restrictions in schools.After Attending an alternative school, she became a social entrepreneur fledgling 3D printer manufacturing company.Giving courage and hope to many young women in Korea, she believes "Never wait for things to change but raise your voice now”Although it may seem impossible to bring change at the moment, it’s the small actions that add up and lead to social change."

Feminist Leader of Green Party Korea : Shin Jiye