April Webinar : Setting up a Women’s Network in Green parties | Asia Pacific Greens

April Webinar : Setting up a Women’s Network in Green parties


Date: April 1st, 2021
The webinar on the process and importance of Setting up Women’s Network inside a Green party by Anita Nautiyal , APGF Gender Equity Project Coordinator

Anita had the opportunity to be the APGF representative to Global Greens Women’s Network - GGWN, and was then its Convenor. She has also served as the Deputy Convener and then Convenor of the APGF Women’s Network, as well as Co-Convenor and Deputy Treasurer of APGF. She is deeply committed to and passionate about the APGF, its work, and its people across the Asia-Pacific region. She has also managed the APGFWN mentoring and webinar program for the last two years. She is passionate about developing gender equity in the APGF and its member parties.

Anita Nautiyal is the co-Founder of the India Greens Party (IGP) and is the Gender Equity Project Coordinator for the Asia-Pacific Greens Federation. She has been an active contributor to the APGF Women’s Network since its beginning with expert advice on the Network’s structure, leadership and planning. Anita has been instrumental in setting up the India Greens Party Women’s Network , which has helped recruit many women in the party and has led to more than 50% women in the India Greens Party Executive.Case studies from Nepal has also been presented on setting up a Women’s Network within Green parties and countries.