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Electoral System: Indonesia

Government Type:

Presidential system, Constitutional republic

Head of State: 

Chief of State & Head of Government: Joko Widodo, President

Upper House total number of seats: 


Lower House total number of seats: 


Electoral Constituencies:

• People’s Representative Council: Multi-member districts in each of the 30 provinces, 2 special regions, and the capital city.
• Regional Representative Council: Multi-member districts of 4 seats in each of the 30 provinces, 2 special regions, and the capital city.  


246.9 million (2012)

Number of registered voters: 

187 million

Related Party: 
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Electoral System: 
Proportional Representation: List • President: Elected directly in a two-round system in which successful candidates must win at least 50% of the national vote. Candidates must not have taken foreign citizenship, and must be nominated by a political party or coalition that received at least 112 seats or 20% of the popular vote in the most recent People’s Representative Council elections.
Election Threshold: 
2% (lower house) 3% (regional assemblies)
Election Deposit Requirement: 
No information
Election Management Body: 

General Election Commission (http://www.kpu.go.id)

Quota for women: 

At least 1 in every 3 candidates included on a political party list should be a woman (Article 56 (2)). (Source: http://www.quotaproject.org/uid/countryview.cfm?country=101)