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Korea's Electoral System

Government Type:

Constitutional republic

Head of State: 

Park Geun-hye, President

Total number of Upper House Seats: 


Total number of Lower House Seats: 

Unicameral (Kukhoe)

Electoral Constituencies:

  • Directly elected (245 seats): Single-­‐member constituencies divided on the basis of population. 
  • Proportional representation (54 seats): One at-­‐large constituency.


50 million (50,912,264) (2012)

Number of registered voters: 

40 million (40,507,842) (2012)

Upcoming Election: 

National Assembly: 2016-04-30

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Parties (node reference): 
Electoral System: 
"• Mixed: Parallel (Segmented) (PR Lists and Majoritarian constituencies). Electoral System: • President: Directly elected in a first-­‐past-­‐the-­‐post system for a single term of 5 years. • Prime Minister: Appointed by the President, with the consent of the National Assembly. The Prime Minister need not be a member of the National Assembly, but cannot be an active member of the military. Parliament: • Directly elected (245 seats): Elected in a single-­‐member district plurality system for a term of 4 years. • Proportional representation (54 seats): Elected in a closed party list system for a term of 4 years.
Election Threshold: 
For a party to be awarded seats in the National Assembly through proportional representation, it must achieve at least 3% of the total vote or at least 5 seats in the single-­‐member district elections.
Election Deposit Requirement: 
₩15,000,000 KRW/candidate is reimbursed at 15% Refund: • Proportional Representation candidates are refunded the total deposit when the party wins 1 seat. • 50% of the deposit is reimbursed when at least 10% of the votes are won.
Election Management Body: 

National Election Commission (www.nec.go.kr) is a 9-­‐member commission appointed for a term of 6 years. 3 members are appointed by the President, 3 are elected by the national assembly, and 3 are nominated by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

Quota for women: 

• 16% of the National Assembly "Kuk Hoe" must be women.
• 50% of Party Lists: Article 47 of the Public Official Election Act specifies that for the list proportional representation elections, whereby 56 deputies are elected, political parties must include 50% women on candidate lists. For the majority portion of the election, whereby 243 representatives are elected in single-member districts, political parties shall include at least 30% of women candidates in their district nominations. 

Next election date: 
Saturday, April 30, 2016