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Nathalie Pinson: Gender Equity in Asia Pacific


Date: 4th February 2021

Nathalie Pinson completed her report for APGFWN on "Gender Equity in Asia Pacific" .

This report analyses Gender Equity and Women’s political participation in the Asia Pacific Region. It highlights that despite some progress, women continue to face issues, challenges, and discrimination on a regular basis. Legislative and socio-cultural barriers represent a ‘political glass ceiling’ which traditionally deter and prevents women from fully participating in politics.

We have discussed about the successful strategies identified in Nathalie’s report on best practices to increase women’s participation and overcome negative stereotypes and biases. Men can also play a role and they should advocate for and encourage women’s participation in politics. The report provides a list of actions such as Gender Audits which can help overcome the barriers faced by women in our region in politics and help us to move forward on Gender Equity measures.

Nathalie Pinson, who interned with APGFWN, and has recently completed her Masters of International Studies at the University of Sydney, specialising in global migrations. Nathalie speaks English, Italian, French and Spanish and is passionate about women’s rights.