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New Zealand Electoral System

Government Type:

Constitutional monarchy, Parliamentary system

Head of State: 

  • New Zealand's head of State is the Sovereign, Queen Elizabeth II of New Zealand. 
  • Jerry Mateparae, Governor-General, is the Queen's representative in New Zealand.
  • The Head of Government is John Key, Prime Minister.

Total number of Upper House Seats: 


Total number of Lower House Seats: 



4.433 million (2012)

Number of registered voters: 

3 million (3,070,847) (2011)

Upcoming Election: 

Parliamentary (House of Representatives) elections: September 20, 2014
Parties (node reference): 
Electoral System: 
Proportional Representation: Mixed Member Proportional (MMP) • In the House of Representatives, 70 members are elected by plurality vote in single-member constituencies to serve 3-year terms and 50 members are elected through a closed-list proportional representation system to serve 3-year terms. • In the MMP electoral system the voter has two votes: one for a party, one for the respective single-member constituency. Seven constituencies are reserved to the Maori people. Once constituency seats are filled, PR list seats are allocated to each party until its overall seat share is proportional to its share of party votes. Parties must clear a national threshold of 5 percent or win at least one constituency seat in order to qualify for seats in the ordinal tier.
Election Threshold: 
5% or 1 seat in House of Representatives
Election Deposit Requirement: 
• $300 NZD/ candidate. (Refunded at 5%). • $1000 NZA/party list. (Refunded if the party reaches 0.5%)
Election Management Body: 

The Electoral Commission (

Quota for women: 

No information found

Next election date: 
Saturday, September 20, 2014