Paper for discussion: APGF position on Climate Change | Asia Pacific Greens

Paper for discussion: APGF position on Climate Change

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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Dear Asia Pacific Greens Committee,

This is Shuji Imamoto, co-founder of global Green think tank “ECOXIA International” and general manager of “ECOXIA Institute”.

Today, our Green Institute and I submit the following proposal draft paper on climate change for your Green party organization.  The paper's contents are based on previous APGN resolutions since:

Ecoxia welcomes your useful comments and suggestions for the draft paper in the following process:

  1. You could possibly put it on the further discussion among your delegates and associated members, add or cut sentences, phrases and words, and then finally assist adopting it as one of the APGF official papers or resolutions for your general Congress in June. (According to the APG rule, I remember you need approvals or consents by some of your regular membership parties, so I would ask you to cover this process, too.)
  2. During the Congress, our draft proposal could be possibly distributed to all the participants in advance as a Congress material in order to collect as many comments and suggestions as possible.
  3. During the Congress, our draft proposal could be taken up and discussed at workshops related to climate change (may I ask you to forward this paper to the panel moderators too) and at a time of open space discussion, moderated by one of your representatives. ( I would like to leave Dr. Bob Hale to facilitate all the further process personally. )
  4. You could possibly have any comments or suggestions on our draft proposal from your MPs (Russel Norman MP and Kennedy Graham MP in the least) and other climate experts of your Green Parties.
  5. Some of your English-native members could possibly do proof-reading before the Congress. 

We hope our submission will be some help to further development of your organization.

Best regards,

Shuji Imamoto Ph.D.

General Manager of ECOXIA Institute / ECOXIA International