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Rachel Siewert's first speech in Parliament


Senator Rachel Siewert is a dynamic member of the Australian Greens in Parliament who works hard for people both at home in WA and across the country.

Rachel is the Australian Greens Whip, Chairs the Senate Community Affairs References Committee and is a member of the Expert Panel on Constitutional Recognition of Indigenous Australians.

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Rachel was first elected to the Senate at the 2004 election and commenced her term in July 2005, quickly gaining a reputation as an assertive and hard working member of the Senate. 

She is one of ten Australian Greens MPs in the current Parliament and together, they have established a track record of positive, solution-focused negotiations with all parties in Parliament. In addition to her work in Perth and Canberra, Rachel regularly visits the regions and remote communities discuss critical social, health, agricultural and environmental issues. 

Coming from an agricultural science background, prior to entering the Senate Rachel spent sixteen years as the Coordinator of the Conservation Council of Western Australia. As a Senator she continues to have highly productive working relationship with non-government organisations across many sectors throughout Australia, providing a critical link between Parliament and our communities.

Rachel is currently working to establish of a network of marine sanctuaries around Australia, introduce much needed reforms and improvements to aged care services, increase funding for mental health and preventive health measures nationwide and to improve the opportunities and life expectancy of Indigenous Australians.

Source: http://rachel-siewert.greensmps.org.au/about

Rachel's First Speech