COP19 Statement by ECOXIA International /Green Institute for Sustainable Society and Economy


IPCC’s 5th Assessment Report, published in September 2013, confirmed that impacts of climate change was expanding by increasing amount of carbon emissions, and calculated that the average world temperature will be increased up to 3.7 Centigrade by the end of this millennium.



Australian uranium contaminates Fukushima.  It was not  a natural disaster, but entirely “man-made,” according to an official investigation, damage caused by  “a multitude of errors and wilful negligence that left the Fukushima plant unprepared.”  Worse was to come: “serious deficiencies in the response to the accidents by TEPCO, regulators and the government.”


The Fukushima Understory - The Aftershocks Keep Coming

Australian uranium contaminates Fukushima.  In this special series, "Beyond Nuclear War and Radioactive Peace," Understorey travels to Fukushima, Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  In this first episode, we ask: what’s it like to be close to a nuclear reactor that’s about to explode?   Why did the Japanese parliament say the Fukushima nuclear disaster was “man-made”?


Greens' YOHEI MIYAKE makes a legendary "Campaign MC" on his first day of 2013 Japan Upper House Elections (Part 1/2)

Greens Japan Candidate and artist YOHEI MIYAKE makes his premier appearance in Kichichoij, Tokyo, 4 July 2013 on the first day of Japan's 2013 Upper House Elections. (video now available with English subtitles!)


Positive factor - the Miyake Yohei Movement: Politically aware younger generation and their eager anticipation for change

Miyake Yohei ( recommended by Green Party: picture left ) and Taro Yamamoto ( from his own party : picture right ) are the 2 most significant individuals running the campaign for the current ongoing upper house election, at least for those who really want to bring real change in Japan's politics. This charismatic combo, both still in their 30's, have been gaining massive support among the major cities' youth and green conscious voters since they teamed up.


Brand new style of “Election Festival” on 14th July in Shibuya, Japan

Greens Japan (co-representative, Nao Suguro) fields 10 candidates for the Upper House election. The voting day will be 21st July. One of our candidates Yohei Miyake is contesting this election with his unique and new style of "Election Festival” like a summer music festival. He makes political speech with high quality music and young people love this!


Global Greens encourage Greens Japan to work for the cessation of nuclear power and the Trans Pacific Partnership through Japan's National Elections

The Global Greens are strongly encouraging Greens Japan who are contesting Japan’s Upper House elections for the first time and campaigning against nuclear power and the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). Greens Japan have 10 candidates standing in the 121 member Upper House. The elections on 21 July will be the first for the Upper House since the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant disaster, and a test of Japan’s attitude to nuclear power.


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