Anti-nuke protests offer an opportunity to move democracy forward

A myriad of lights cast a soft glow around the Diet building as dusk fell on July 29.

Thousands of anti-nuclear protesters formed a human chain around most of the Tokyo landmark in the latest of a continuing series of demonstrations against the reopening of nuclear power plants following the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

The "Encircle the Diet" rally was organized by a coalition of citizen groups.

Participants demanding the phaseout of nuclear power generation in Japan chanted slogans against the restart of idled nuclear reactors, holding candles and flashlights.


New Green party launched to contest Upper House election


Local assembly members and citizens' groups on Saturday launched a new political party, Midori no To (Greens Japan), looking to harness public opposition to nuclear power following the Fukushima catastrophe.

The new entity, which has yet to meet the legal requirements to be officially registered as a political party, is preparing to field 10 candidates in the Upper House election scheduled for next summer.


Un avenir politique incertain pour le nouveau parti Vert japonais

C'est une nouveauté dans le paysage politique japonais, férocement bipartite : ce samedi a été créé "Greens Japan" (Verts Japon), un parti écologiste.

Over 100,000 Protest Nuclear Restart in Tokyo

On hottest day of the year, protesters call for Prime Minister Noda to quit.  Article from Common Dreams

Over 100,000 protesters took to the streets in central Tokyo on Monday to protest the country's return to nuclear power. The demonstration was one of the largest of its kind since Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda announced that the country would restart its nuclear reactors last month.


Hundreds of Events Globally Will Mark One-Year Commemoration of Fukushima Nuclear Disaster

Beyond Nuclear spokespeople available for comment

TAKOMA PARK, Md. - March 8 -  Hundreds of thousands of people across the world will be involved in actions around the March 11 commemoration of the Fukushima, Japan nuclear disaster which began on that date a year ago. Events will be going on throughout the month of March and into April.


Sixth Months since the Outbreak of the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster

Thank you for supporting us Greens Japan or Japanese people!

This is Namiho Matusmoto (Joint representation of Greens Japan).

We, Greens Japan are cooperating the Action group as follows.

I would like to share this information with you. 

Best regards,


=====PLEASE SPREAD====================================== 

An appeal from Japan to the people around the globe for September 11 Action - Sixth Months since the Outbreak of the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster



no-nuke petition in Japan

Please join us in signing an online petition, created by the Friends of the Earth Japan, requesting the Japanese Government to immediately abandon its policy of promoting nuclear power plants exports.

To sign-on the petition:  http://www.foejapan.org/en/news/110831.html

Kind regards,

Rina Ariizumi

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Global RH2 Community Catalyst




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