Asia Pacific Greens Statement on Japan Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear Disasters

On the afternoon of March 11, 2011 a major earthquake occurred in North-East Japan, destroying and severely damaging many cities and towns on the Pacific Coast.

Currently more than several tens of thousands of people are dead or unaccounted for.

This catastrophe caused a cut off-off of cooling water into several reactors of nuclear power plants located in Fukushima. As a result of reduced water, the nuclear reactors may face a melt-down. If this occurs, it could be the worst case of nuclear accidents all over the world.


Japan Green call for the immediate shutdown of Hamaoka Nuclear Power Plants

We, Greens Japan, have been advocating a society without nuclear power generation, or development as a top-priority issue since our establishment. We have had extensive discussions about earthquake resistance concerning nuclear power plants, and we have published those findings. We strongly regret that our worst fears are now a reality.


Urgent statement on the big earthquake off the Pacific coast of Northeast Japan

In the afternoon of Mar 11, an enormous earthquake hit Northeast Japan, and a number of big afterquakes struck at many places in East Japan. At the night of Mar 12, more than 1700 people have been dead or missing, and serious damages have been caused by the fire or tsunami. The number of victims seems to be increasing, and we still don't know the whole picture of damages untill now. We offer deepest condolences to all the victims, and we pray their soul may rest in peace. And we request our government to rescue the missing people as soon as possible.


Ms Kazumi Inamura elected the City Mayor of Amagasaki - the first Green Mayor in Japan!

Dear young Greens,

This is Shuji from Japan Greens. As I predicted some weeks ago, I will be able to send you a wonderful news today !

On Sunday, November 21st, Ms Kazumi Inamura, the former co-spokesperson of Greens Japan (Midori no Mirai) was elected the City Mayor of Amagasaki, West Japan with wonderful election results. http://mainichi.jp/select/today/news/20101122k0000m010077000c.html


Kazumi Inamura receives 54% of the vote to become the first Green mayor elected in Japan

Greens candidate Ms Kazumi Inamura was elected the City Mayor of Amagasaki on Sunday 21 November with an overwhelming 54.3% of the vote. This is the first time in Japan that a Green candidate has been elected to the position of Mayor and the Global Greens congratulate Kazumi Inamura and Greens Japan on this landmark success.

Aged 38 Ms Inamura is reportedly the youngest female city mayor in the history of Japan. She defeated three other candidates to win the mayoralty.




日本捕鯨活動 澳洲將告上國際法庭

自由時報 99/05/28
日本捕鯨活動 澳洲將告上國際法庭 【11:49】


澳洲環境部以及司法部今 天宣布,下周將就日本在南極的捕鯨活動採取法律行動,並 告上海牙的國際法庭。

為了表達阻止捕殺鯨魚的決心,今天澳大利亞環境部部長皮特加雷特和司法部部 長羅伯特麥克萊蘭聯合發表聲明,宣布將把日本這個捕鯨國的行為,告 上海牙國際 法庭。


From Kyoto to Taipei, Leaving a Green Legend behind, Creating a Nuclear Free Asia Pacific


Press Conference Invitation: Japanese MP and Documentary Film Director, Mr. Kamanaka Hitomi’s Visit to Taiwan

Time: 13:00-14:00 April 29th, 2010 Venue: Tianmu Convention Center (No. 113, Section 7, Zhongshan North Road, Taipei)


日本紀錄片女導演 期待非核亞太

日本紀錄片女導演 期待非核亞太








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