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Role of youth to combat climate change

By MJ Jha, Coordinator, Asia Pacific Young Green Network (APYGN)


Electoral System: Nepal

Government Type:

Federal republic


Nepali Greens launch a youth self-employment campaign

For the past one and half decade the most challenging problems for Nepal is youth unemployment. Youth, make up 42 percent of total population, and 38.8 percent of them are unemployed.

Nepali Greens' Agriculture Assembly.

Nepali Greens has organized Agriculture Assembly, coinciding with the first day of the first meeting of Constituent Assembly. On January 22, Nepali Greens held the first meeting of the agriculture assembly with the participation of farmers of Pida VDC, Dhading District. 




Youth in Politics - Way Ahead

From being perceived as irresponsible and reckless to being called the strength of the nation, the youth of Nepal have come a very long way. To change the system, you have to be in the system. An unanswered question for the past few years is still a million dollar question to be answered. Some serious steps should be taken to bring youth out on the floor of mainstream politics. For now, one can only hope that during the next elections, more youth will vote, more will got elected and less will say, “How does it even matter? It’s not going to make a difference to me.” Because it does, it really does matter.




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