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Youth Agro-entrepreneurship in Nepal

B K Dalit, Chief Founder/President of Nepali Greens spoke at an UN event on youth and land issues. The event was held in the building of
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Netherlands, Hegue from 6th November to 15th November. He was invited to attend the event and speak on youth, agriculture and land issues of Nepal organized jointly by the United Nations Human Settlement Program, Global Land Tool Network and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Nepal Youth Participation in Second Constituent Assembly Election

Nepal is currently undergoing extraordinarily challenging circumstances – a de-escalating national conflict, lack of security, unusual price hikes, massive human rights abuses, large number of internally displaced people, civil society organisations working under pressure and vulnerable to extortion and threats, students and youth taking up violent protests and the second Constituent Assembly (CA) election hot on the anvil. Educating youth about the democratic processes and their rights and duties in a democracy is the first and critical step in creating a culture of democracy through the promotion of democratic behavior and values among the young citizens. Ensuring youth participation and representation in the upcoming Constituent Assembly to actively document the voice of the youth will be an opportunity to prove the democratic exercise. This will have huge benefits as it will ensure the sense of ownership of the final constitution to be promulgated, by the youth.

Why Youth In Biodiversity?

By Kumar Paudel

“Why are you worrying about Rhinos in a country like Nepal, where people are fighting for food?”


UN Recognition for Nepal's Organic School

Dear all,

On 16th September, UN-General Assembly Side event has been held at the UN Secretariat, UN building, New York. The side event was about Youth, land and agriculture.

Yamina Djacta, Director of UN Habitat, New York Office, Ahmad Alhendawi, United Nations’ Secretary General’s Envoy on Youth had given opening remarks.  BK Dalit, President of Team for Nature and Wildlife (TNW) and Convener of the Nepali Greens, was one of the key note speakers of the event representing Nepal.


BK Dalit Speech at the UN Roundtable on Investing in Young People

A Speech By BK Dalit, Young Development Campaigner and Convener of the Nepali Greens

UN Roundtable on Investing in Young People, 19 September 2013, UN Headquarter, New York

First, I would like to thank the United Nations and especially UN Secretary General’s Envoy on Youth for giving me this opportunity to speak about my youth developmental campaigns in Nepal.


The Y Factor of Politics

Unless the youth feel concerned and get involved in politics at all stages, we cannot expect a nation to grow. Remember, it is not good for a nation when its citizens only complain and expect someone else to fix their problems. It is considered a social disgrace if someone chooses to maintain a reserved or a neutral stand on issues. It is because many youngsters are migrating to other countries. People who believe that the political system will never change prefer to make their careers outside the country. We have to build a foundation for a prosperous future. If we have the power to bring about changes, then why not exercise that power now?

Youth on the Move

Most of youths are frustrated. If I’m a youth who’s ambitious, and believes in a scientific way of thinking, entrepreneurship, empowerment, progress and personal freedom, which party will back that? Is there a leader who represents my aspirations? Youth migration, job opportunity, peace and development are but optional issues for our leaders. And none of the true progressive Nepali youths are satisfied with this. They’re in a state of limbo, and hence, they opt to migrate.

Kamlaris' movement in Nepal

Dear Friends,

We on behalf of Nepali Greens Party, would like to kindly inform all of you that Kamlaris have been sitting-in protest in different parts of the capital to practically abolish the kamlari system, to punish the guilty involved in the murder of 12 year old Srijana Choudhari, provide young Kamlari girls with scholarships and set up a separate fund for their welfare.


Nepal, on the Brink of Collapse?

To: Scott Heekin-Canedy

President and General Manager

The New York Times

[email protected], [email protected]


Dear President, 

Hello from Nepal (the Himalayan Kingdom and birth nation of Lord Buddha)



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