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Greens will establish a Green Investment Bank

Like Kiwibank before it, the Green Investment Bank will combine the best of the public and private sectors to accelerate New Zealand’s transition to a smarter, greener economy.



NZ MP Kennedy Graham questions the Minister for climate change issues about the latest US climate assessment report

Dr KENNEDY GRAHAM to the Minister for Climate Change Issues: Does he agree that climate change is a clear and present danger, as highlighted by the landmark US Climate Assessment Report released overnight?


IPCC 5th Assessment Report – exposing NZ on climate policy

by Kennedy Graham

The IPCC’s 3rd Working Group has just released the final section of its 5th Assessment Report.  Following WGI report on the science and WGII on impact, this one focuses on a response strategy.

The Report recalls that annual global emissions were 38 Gt. (billion tonnes) in 1990 and 49 Gt. in 2010.  Some 40% of emissions since the ‘pre-industrial era’ (1750) have been emitted in the past 40 years.  In short, things are extremely grim.


The election, the G20, and the climate – very simply: a matter of priorities

By: MP Kennedy Graham

In New Zealand, we observe the quaint constitutional custom of having the political leader of the nation decide the date of the next election.

This of course is done with the utmost objectivity.  Yesterday Prime Minister John Key chose 20 September.


Ukraine crisis big test for 21st Century diplomacy

By New Zealand Greens MP Kennedy Graham

We have an old-fashioned crisis on our hands regarding events in the Ukraine.  It is a test of 21st-century diplomacy whether it can be resolved peacefully and with political foresight.






Solar Homes Policy for New Zealanders

The Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand has today launched a new policy to deliver cleaner, cheaper power to New Zealanders.

“People are paying too much for their power. The Greens are committed to fixing this. What we’re announcing today will help free Kiwis from the worry and stress of rising electricity prices,” said Green Party Co-leader Dr Russel Norman.


Russel Norman's Campaign Conference Speech 2014: Going Solar

The Green Party plans to make New Zealand 100 percent renewable in electricity by 2030 - setting us free forever from dirty energy and the huge risks this poses to a stable climate. New Zealand can show the world how to produce 100 percent pure electricity.


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