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Green Party Korea solidarity with the Greek Ecologists Greens

Green Party Korea supports Greece’s resistance and Syriza’s struggle


A commentary on the UK General Election 2015 - a problem of the electoral system

The UK election is over. The Green Party Korea expresses the deepest gratitude for the UK Green Party’s hard work as a member of the Global Greens. The interesting result of the election was reminiscent of Korean politics.

Green Party Korea’s statement on the 20th meeting of parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC COP 20)

  • The principle that life matters more than money should prevail in the UNFCCC COP 20 in Peru!
  • Life is more essential! Let us pay for the cost of carbon emission reduction!
  • We call for South Korea’s Park administration to abandon its plan to increase nuclear power and kick off an effort to cut back carbon emission on a full scale.

South Korean government must stop killing of 500-year-old primeval forest right now

South Korea’s Gariwang mountain has been a sanctuary for a primeval forest for centuries, dating back to Joseon dynasty, the country’s last kingdom.


Korea's greenhouse gas emissions

South Korea’s Park Geun-hye administration scores zero when it comes to the willingness to scale back emissions of greenhouse gases. The Park administration evades the responsibility to address climate change by increasing nuclear power plants and losing grip on emission trading. Korea is the world’s seventh largest emitter of greenhouse gases. In other words, Korea bears a great duty in helping the international community reach a consensus to respond to post-2020 climate change.


Climate Change and Green Energy

The changing terrain of the profession in the era of climate change. New jobs will be created in the field of greenhouse gas reduction and climate change adaptation. Emerging energy efficiency and renewable energy to reduce carbon dioxide, is also becoming a promising safety areas to prepare for disaster. Is becoming important to sustainably use water, food and energy worldwide, while severe droughts, floods, hurricanes, co



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