South Korea

Korea's Electoral System

Government Type:

Constitutional republic

Head of State: 

Park Geun-hye, President

Total number of Upper House Seats: 


Total number of Lower House Seats: 

Unicameral (Kukhoe)


Call for Dialogue on Korean Peninsula Peace

Call for dialogue among countries participating in the escalation of tension on the Korean Peninsula.

The Green Parties of South Korea, Taiwan and Japan call for unconditional dialogue among countries responsable for the escalation of tension on the Korean Peninsula, in recognition that war has devastating impacts for all earthly inhabitants, and that nonviolence and sustainability are core values for both Greens and peace-loving nations alike.


Korean Greens vote with sortition democracy

Dear Greens,


Green Party Korea Fukushima Anniversary Statement

10 achievements of South Korean anti-nuclear movement after Fukushima disaster

After Fukushima disaster, human being became confident that 'nuclear energy' must not be an option we choose. Since the disaster, there have been very strong and various anti-nuclear activities in Korean civil society. On the 2nd anniversary of Fukushima, We, Green Party of Korea lists 10 main achievements of those activities accomplished during the past 2 years as follows.


Green Party Korea's response to COP18

Accelerating Climate Change, Backing COP18

1. Kyoto Protocol has been weakened

At COP18, Japan, Russia, Canada and NZ got our of line, which left Kyoto Protocol far more weak one so that it would take only 15% of Greenhouse Gas emission. While the harms of Climate Change are getting worse, our tool to prevent it is getting more weak.

2. Just promise without practice



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