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Cyclone Pam is a call for action on dangerous climate change

If we truly want to see the people of Vanuatu, the Philippines, and the rest of the Pacific live their lives without the constant fear and threat of climate change-related disasters, then we need to act.

Vanuatu Elects Green Prime Minister

Vanuatu's Parliament has elected the Greens' leader Moana Carcasses as the country's new prime minister.

Moana Carcasses Kalosil is also the first naturalised citizen to become prime minister since Vanuatu gained independence more than thirty years ago. Previously, PM Carcasses held positions of Minister for Foreign Affairs, 2003—2004, Minister for Finance, 2004—2005 and Leader of the Opposition, 2007-08. He served in former PM Sato Kilman's (who resigned last week) cabinet holding positions of Minister of Finance and, most recently, Parliamentary Secretary.

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