Donations Rules

APGF Donations Terms of Reference

Endorsed by the APGN Coordinating Committee on July 03, 2012.

The Asia Pacific Greens Network (APGN) welcomes donations, as well as in kind contributions, to support our work.

  • We will seek to ensure that donations are not accepted from sources whose actions and values are inconsistent with the principles of the Global Greens Charter.
  • We will maintain and periodically publish a list of significant donations.
  • The APGN Coordination Committee (APGCC) is responsible for determining how donations are spent. Donors may express a preference but not determine the use.
  • Donations will be used to the support the development of APGN members but will not be used for direct election campaigning.

The APGN Coordination Committee is responsible for ensuring that the Donation Terms of Reference are implemented by:

  • establishing criteria for 'significant' donations;
  • setting up a screening mechanism for any donations needing review;
  • regularly publishing lists of significant donations;
  • establishing a list of and criteria for unacceptable donation sources.