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The fossil fuel industry is both fueling the climate crisis and blocking serious action. On Global Divestment Day, we will call on our institutions -- our schools, our governments, our banks and our places of worship -- to divest from destruction. Each act of divestment takes back power from fossil fuel companies and helps create a mandate for our leaders to take real action.

Dear Friends,

The year of COP21 has started and the first big climate campaign event is just around the corner: The first ever Global Divestment Day takes place on 13 and 14 February. The EGP supports the rapidly growing carbon divestment movement, which has already achieved victories in many European countries. For instance, divestment initiatives were launched at Glasgow University, with a major Norwegian pension fund and the city councils of Örebro (Sweden) and Münster (Germany). The divestment movement adds a new dynamic to climate campaigning, and is similar to movements in the 80s and 90s that called to divest from tobacco companies or South African companies during apartheid.

In this newsletter you will find some easy actions to join Global Divestment Day. 

Green Greetings,
Johannes Hillje
(EGP Campaign Consultant)

Join Global Divestment Day on 13 & 14 February

1. Join a local event or organise your own event

Over 50 events across Europe have already been registered. You can find local events, register your own event and find creative action ideas on’s website.

2. Testimonials for your website & social media
At the EGP Party Leaders Meeting this week in Brussels, your Party Leader already took a photo showing the message “Divestment now – Money out of fossil fuels!”. We have uploaded ready-to-print files in all EU languages (and Catalan), so you can easily create more testimonials with your politicians or staff members. Click here to download your file.

3. Carbon Bubble brochure
The EGP and Greens/EFA Group have produced a brochure on the carbon bubble in different languages. It serves as a background material to promote better understanding of the issue. You can order copies (currently in EN, FR, DE) at the EGP Office ([email protected]) and download the brochure here.

4. Divest yourself and talk about it!
Be the change and put divestment into practice on Global Divestment Day. Some attention could be created if you ask your Minister, MP or Party Leader to move their bank account from a bank that still invests in fossil fuel companies to a bank that only invests in sustainable industries. You can talk about this personal divestment story through media and social media. 

We would be happy to share your Divestment Day activities through our channels. Keep us posted via [email protected] We also recommend to promote the material offered by and to use the hashtag #divest

EGP & Greens/EFA Climate Campaign 2015: Planning document

Upcoming dates:
25 February: Energy Union proposal by European Commission 
08 March: International Women’s Day
11 March: 4th anniversary Fukushima nuclear disaster
28 March: Earth Hour

Meeting Type: 
Campaign movement
Event Date: 
Thursday, February 12, 2015 - 00 to Friday, February 13, 2015 - 12