Greens PH/ PK Laguna Provincial Congress

I. April 10-11, 2015; Provincial Congress of Laguna
a) April 10, 2015: Provincial Leaders Pre-Congress (to be attended by 150 Leaders)
b) April 11, 2015: Congress Proper (Adoption and Amendments)
II. April 13-16, 2015; Initial Project Assessment (of TOP) and community visits for Village Eco-Governance Development Framework (VEGDF)
Theme: Tanganan ang Sulo ng Pagkakaisa! Balikatin ang Hamon ng 2016!
              (Hold the Torch of Unity! Accept the Challenges of 2016!)
Date/Day                        Flow                        
Day 1, April 10                 I. Registration
Pre-Congress                  II. Preliminaries
150 leaders                           a. Opening Prayer
 Internal                                 b. National Anthem
Resort                                   c. Opening Remarks
                                        d. Roll Call
                                        e. Reading of the Solidarity Messages
                                        III. Pre-Congress Proper
                                        a. Challenges and Opportunity of 2016
                                            : National Situation
                                        b. Annual Reporting
                                        c. Presentation of the Programs and Direction
                                        c.1) Election and Governance
                                        c.1.1) May 2016 National Election
                                        c.1.2) October Village/Youth Council Election
                                        c.1.3) Local party registration
                                        c.1.4) Issues and Concern on Electoral Participation
                                        c.2) Party Building Direction
                                        c.2.1) City/Municipal Chapter Consolidation
                                        c.2.2) Village Chapter Building
                                        c.2.3) Women and Youth Building
                                        c.2.4) Isssues and Concern
                                        d. Greens Enterprise and Services
                                        d.1) Social Services
                                        d.2) Cooperative
                                        d.3) Savings Mobilization
                                        d.4) Issues and Concern
                                        III. Workshop I: Issues and Concern
                                        IV. Planning
Day two, April 11            I. Registration
Adoption                        II. Preliminaries
General membership    III. Opening Program
1000 pax                        IV. Solidarity Messages (Morning)
                                        V. Annual report/Program Direction (1pm onward)
                                       V. Congress Proper
                                        a. Plenary and Adoption
                                       VI. Presentation of Plans and 2016 Direction
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Event Date: 
Friday, April 10, 2015 - 01 to Saturday, April 11, 2015 - 09
Partido Kalikasan