Fair Share Declaration | Asia Pacific Greens

Fair Share Declaration

Declaration of the Asia Pacific Greens NetworkTaipei, 2 May, 2010

We have gathered here in Taipei as members and supporters of the Asia Pacific Greens Network, to share with each other our concerns about the grave threats to our planet and its inhabitants, and our ideas about urgent actions that are needed to address the most pressing issues that concern us.

Our core message is that whether the issue is catostrophic climate change that is imminent, or species extinction, or loss of viable agriculture, or security threats in our region, or human rights violations in many of our countries, or the lack of genuine democracy in many of our countries, for any solution to be both just and workable, it must incorporate the principle of Fair Share.

We, the Asia-Pacific Greens Network APGN 2010 Congress:

  • Recognizing that concentration and centralization of resources generally leads to inefficiency;
  • Recognizing that the Earth has long overshot its capacity to regenerate itself due to the current extreme levels of both resource extraction and deposits of waste into the biosphere by humans (ecological overshoot);
  • Recognizing that as a general rule, the wealthier a country in terms of consumption and Gross Domestic Product, the greater its contribution to ecological overshoot; 
  • Recognizing that humans do not currently know enough to prioritize any one species or one being above another, or any one use of habitat in favor of another, and therefore must act in accordance with the principle of precaution; 
  • Recognizing the importance of all life and habitat to human survival; 
  • Recognizing that the injustice and threats to the security, health and wellbeing of any among our populations are ultimately a threat to all of us; 

Call for:

  • Fair share for all in the current generation; Fair share for future generations; 
  • Fair share to address the systemic disadvantages caused by injustices of past generations; 
  • Fair share for all the other species with whom we share this planet; 

Now therefore urge:

  • Those with power and the means to use it commit themselves to working to redress the inequities of power and resources and to bring about sustainable human practices aimed at satisfying current needs without sacrificing the ability of future generations - of humans and Others - to satisfy their needs; 
  • As we are here in Taiwan, APGN calls on the Taiwan Government to enact measures to achieve the principles of Fair Share in Taiwan.