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A movement for social and environmental reform in the Philippines' Central Mindanao

By Datu Oskie MUHAMMAD, Vice Chair for Mindanao, GREENS PH – Partido Kalikasan


Youth Building a Just and Peaceful Regional Community

By Elias C. “Kiko” Labro, Jr., August 1, 2015

Dedication: for Alphonse Kion and Albus!  From Tatay Kiko

An Activist's Reflection: The Significance of the Youth and the Youth Movement in Building a Just and Peaceful Community in the Region


Philippine Green Party climate speech, by Elias Labro

On behalf of the Partido Kalikasan (PK), we would like to extend our gratitude in being extended the opportunity to be part of this historic event - the convergence of different polarities of experiences in building an alternative ideological foundation for a better society, a Green party.


EcoDefend: Ecological Governance, Paralegal and Training Institute

Project Summary

The national Executive Committee meeting of the Greens PH last November 30, 2014 reiterates the need for an specialize program that will address the gap between the need to support the local Greens institute in providing legal and paralegal experts in the area considered as a potential for conflict. This brings the idea of formulating a plan in establishing a Paralegal Network that will immediately provide the required services in the respective areas of operation.


Electoral System: Philippines

Government Type:

A presidential, representative, and democratic republic where the President of the Philippines is both the head of state and the head of government within a pluriform multi-party system.

Head of State: 

Chief of State & Head of Government: Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III, President, President

Upper House total number of seats: 


Lower House total number of seats: 



Village level Disaster Risk and Reduction Management (VDRRM) process by Greens PH (Partido Kalikasan)

Greens PH (Partido Kalikasan)'s Village-level Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (VDRRM) program highlights the low levels of public participation and familiarity with the Philippine's Disaster Risk and Reduction Management (DRRM) law.  Moreover, Greens PH's National Chairperson, Kiko C.


The Philippine Green Party's Village Eco-Governance Development Framework

Social Change is about electing leaders and developing and implementing an alternative system to improve people's experiences and to realise their aspirations through society.  The Philippine Green Party (Partido Kalikasan) is learning from lessons from own past and from experiences of others living in similar geographical and political settings.


Their typhoon, our typhoon


I am heartbroken by the human devastation I am seeing in the Philippines as a result of Typhoon Haiyan.

Rescue efforts are underway to find survivors and aid is urgently needed to assist those who got through what is being described as the worst storm ever to hit land.


28 Partido Kalikasan (Greens PH) Candidates Win Village elections!

“Every three years, the country is mandated to conduct an electoral exercise that will guarantee for a democratic process. We had to develop an electoral campaign strategy that will be our template in the electoral process in the province and in the country in general. Winning in the electoral process controlled by the elitist makes the implementation of environmental centered governance at the village level more difficult."



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