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Christine Milne: Australia 'universally condemned' at regional Greens meeting

Too often, the concerns of Pacific Island nations are jettisoned in favour of bigger nations’ interests. The Asia Pacific Greens congress aims to change that. We know that this is the critical decade. If we are going to constrain global warming to less than 2 degrees, let alone the 1.5 degrees being sought by the small island states and a number of leading scientists, we must take strong and urgent action to cut our emissions and break our addiction to coal. The transition to a renewable energy future is full of opportunities for new industry, jobs and skills, but it will take all of us campaigning together to establish the political will for change.

Asia-Pacific Greens Unite

Richard di Natale interview


Climate Keynote by James Shaw, New Zealand Green Party

Green Party Co-leader James Shaw’s speech to the Asia-Pacific Green Federation Congress

It was exactly two weeks ago today that I gave my first speech as Co-leader of the Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand.

I deliberately made that speech about climate change - about the need to build common cause on climate change, about how it’s our responsibility as politicians to talk to each other, rather than past each other, to come together and take ambitious action on climate change.


Green Party wants climate test for new laws


All new legislation would be subject to a "climate change test" if a Green Party bill is passed.

New Green Party co-leader James Shaw announced a members bill on Sunday, which would require official documents assessing the impact of new legislation to include a section about the impact on the environment.


Greens to announce new climate change proposal


The Greens want all new laws to be subject to a "climate change test". 


Philippine Green Party climate speech, by Elias Labro

On behalf of the Partido Kalikasan (PK), we would like to extend our gratitude in being extended the opportunity to be part of this historic event - the convergence of different polarities of experiences in building an alternative ideological foundation for a better society, a Green party.


Nepal post-earthquake community service program

The Nepali Greens and Team for Nature & Wildlife (TNW) are partnering to provide those affected by the earthquake in Nepal with food, shelter, clothing, tents, drinking water and toilets.  Following the emergency relief the team with your support will buid an earthquake resistant homes and schools for communities damaged by the earthquake.  This is a call for donations.



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