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Gaza Crisis: 'We Cannot Allow This Cycle of Violence to Continue'

Statement from the Green Party of England and Wales

Green Party supports national demonstration for Gaza 

UK government must cease all military co-operation with Israel

The Green Party will have a strong presence at the national demonstration for Gaza taking place in London on Saturday, August 9th (1).


Gaza - statements from across Europe

Greens across Europe and the world have called for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, and for a return to the negotiation table with a renewed commitment to ongoing peace.

The Greens - Not Ukip - Are the Real Alternative to the Political Establishment

, Human rights campaigner; director, Peter Tatchell Foundation, posted in The Huffington Post


Nuclear vs Renewable Debate - Newsnight featuring Caroline Lucas

Excellent debate among UK politicians on energy, with particular focus on nuclear energy.




Greens election update

Hi all,

News on Greens in elections around the world over the last few weeks….

Scottish Greens

- are campaigning towards their election on 5 May. The Parliament (called Holyrood) is a proportional system and the Greens have a list of candidates for each of the 8 electorates. Go here <> to have a squiz at their lead candidates. They are running on about 6% of the vote which is a big jump from the 2% they polled in 2007.

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