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Nepali Greens' Climate Discourse Sessions

In support the Global Greens Climate Campaign, Nepali Greens is launching “Climate Discourse Session” with young farmers once in a month to have an interaction on climate change, its consequences on agriculture and ways to cope with the impacts of climate change.

Farmers are vulnerable to climate change. That's why, we focus on building the knowledge and capacity of young farmers so that they can cope with the impact of climate change.

We will teach/train/coach on appropriate approaches that will enhance the climate resilience of vegetable growers or young farmers and conserve natural resources.

The session will be held in youth agro training sessions being organized by Nepal’s first farmer school. The initiative will be launched by Nepali Greens and executed by Prangarik Pathshala from next month onwards.

(Prangarik Pathshala is an initiative of Nepali Greens - Prangarik (Organic) and Pathshala (School).

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