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Pakistan Green Party climate speech, by Liaquat Ali

I think there is no climate change is happening, but my friends saying climate change is happening. In real it's not happening, even it's not going to happen.

It is  an illusion ,so we are living in illusion, There is no climate change. We are here so we think climate change happening.

In 2010 equal size of United Kingdom area was flooded in which around one million people displaced from their home, quarter of million houses damaged and destroyed. It is not happening it's our illusion, then we respond oh! it is humanitarian disaster we have to help, but what happened in 2012 again quarter of million effected ,again we had flood in Pakistan people effected , we appealed united world community to give us grant to support to provide food and shelter, but what happened in 2013 no rain no flood drought  ,and one million people had serious problem of  malnutrition, it’s not happening its illusion  .

So that is  the reason we believe that the  people who look at the issue they think it's not climate change but it is  on going process , in reality it's not an  ongoing process .

When I was young my mother told me story that they had forest and they had domestic animals they used to play with them and different type of birds in the same area where i am living now, but since one year I haven’t seen a single butterfly in my neighborhood,t here is no butterfly ,they migrated, there is no climate change. What is happening now even butterflies we lost?

we are talking about sustainable development but i am more concern about sustainable life. This is the way we human being grow and built the character  .what is the way no human beings grow now we are integrated in our environment ,we are integrated in our field , but now the industrial development detach us from actual what we actual belong to. that’s we are more concern about climate change rather then it's happening our environment no it's damaging ourselves, sooner or later something already happen mile nutrition in my country .

Food security problems, if we have these issues we have less productive human society and if this is the situation, and then human kind is going to finish, the respond from my Government from my country Pakistan government of Pakistan established a climate ministry and i was so happy that we will have something good and then i got the information about climate ministry. There are 11 members in ministry and they are just like celebrity to showcase the climate ministry and to attend the international events.

Actually there was nothing. At the same time we have electricity problem in Pakistan then the Governments of Pakistan found the  solution of electricity problem, very interesting solution they build two more nuclear power plants just at the earth quick faultline its just there in Karachi ,and same time they had idea to make coal power plant in desert area of Pakistan they call it black Gold.

Therefore, they can have money to export that Black Gold but no one buying it. World Bank said the it’s too bad, World Bank cannot find the buyer. World Bank don’t want to invest in that business. Government of Pakistan was thinking how we can do it? Then China the friend of Pakistan said we do everything for you and we will build the power plant for you and Pakistan government just buy electric from China’s firm as result  we (Pakistan Government)  agreed and signed the agreement. Thar  desert area is highly affected by drought and malnutrition and now they talking about the opening coal power plant in that area.

We hope green parties across the world have better knowledge and understanding of Climate change issues and impact of the Coal Power Plant opening in that affected area of desert in Pakistan therefore; i would like to request and invite all my Green fellows who have expertise to resolve that issue to help for betterment of Pakistan.

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