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Climate Change Action in India

In India, the Uttarakhand Parivartan Party (UKPP) will host Global Greens "Climate Change Action" programs and mobilise people to take action to mitigate global warming, on September 20, 2014 in Ramnagar city; and September 21, 2014 in the state capital of Dehradun.


Join The People's Climate March

The leader of the Australian Greens and climate champion, Senator Christine Milne, invites supporters to join the worldwide People’s Climate March this weekend. Millions of people will march around the world to pressure politicians meeting in New York to fight global warming before it’s too late. Read her inspiring letter and attend a People’s Climate event near you - worldwide!

Green Party of the United States takes a stand at the NYC Climate Convergence

Before corporate and governmental leaders arrive in New York City this September 21 for the UN Climate Summit, the Green Party of the United States together with the System Change Not Climate Change and the Global Clim


Deconstructing Carbon before UN Climate Summit

Charged up by activists mobilizing for the UN Climate Summit in New York next week, we delved into our carbon Footprint data to see if we could shed light on the very intractable debates swirling around nations’ responsibilities for reducing emissions.  In the first graph below, our intrepid research analyst David Zimmerman found while EU countries toot their horns about declining emissions (as represented by the blue line below), the picture is not so simple.  



Aclimatando es el primer movimiento de Jóvenes frente al Cambio Climático de Argentina. Nuestro objetivo principal es incidir en las políticas publicas y privadas en relación al cambio climático.


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