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Greens Japan Fukushima 2 Year Anniversary Statement

2nd year anniversary of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant incident, Steering Committee of Greens Japan, 2013/03/11

We call on the world for the immediate phase-out of nuclear power!

It has been 2 years since huge earthquake and Tsunami hit Japan and subsequent serious incident of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant occurred. We, as Japanese, want to share with the people all over the world the will that we must not repeat the same mistake ever again.


Green Party Korea Fukushima Anniversary Statement

10 achievements of South Korean anti-nuclear movement after Fukushima disaster

After Fukushima disaster, human being became confident that 'nuclear energy' must not be an option we choose. Since the disaster, there have been very strong and various anti-nuclear activities in Korean civil society. On the 2nd anniversary of Fukushima, We, Green Party of Korea lists 10 main achievements of those activities accomplished during the past 2 years as follows.


Mongolian Green Party's Fukushima Anniversary Statement

Mongolian Green Party's Fukushima Anniversary Statement


Green Party Korea's response to COP18

Accelerating Climate Change, Backing COP18

1. Kyoto Protocol has been weakened

At COP18, Japan, Russia, Canada and NZ got our of line, which left Kyoto Protocol far more weak one so that it would take only 15% of Greenhouse Gas emission. While the harms of Climate Change are getting worse, our tool to prevent it is getting more weak.

2. Just promise without practice


Evaluation of COP18 outcome and impacts on Asia

by Shuji Imamoto Ph.D. (Chief Researcher at ECOXIA International, Global Green Institute)

2012 was the last year of the first commitment period of Kyoto Protocol, although the outcome of last year’s COP conference in Doha was disappointing, especially to the people involved, NGOs or citizen groups that had been very active in tackling climate change issues.  


Kennedy Graham's Debate on Climate Change

Wednesday, 30 Jan 2013 |

Contact: Kennedy Graham MP

The Prime Minister's annual statement to Parliament presumably reflects his Government's view of the state of the nation, and its political priorities.


Uranium sales to India a disaster in the making

Australian Greens spokesperson for nuclear policy Senator for Western Australia Scott Ludlam. 21 January 2013.

 The Federal Government’s decision to pursue uranium sales to India is a disaster in the making, the Australian Greens said today.  Greens spokesperson for nuclear policy Senator Scott Ludlam said the Labor Party has proven it cannot be trusted on the environment.

“We will be working with the anti-nuclear movement in India – which has faced brutal repression in recent times – to ensure this does not go ahead.


Taipei mayor cautions on nuclear plant

SAFETY FIRST:The New Taipei City mayor said safety must be assured before the Fourth Nuclear Power Plant goes online, as activists launch a petition drive against itBy Loa Iok-sin and Lee I-chia (Taipei Times)

New Taipei City (新北市) Mayor Eric Chu (朱立倫) yesterday reiterated that the Fourth Nuclear Power Plant should not begin operation until it is completely safe.



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