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APGN 2010 Pre-Congress Event: Taiwan Public Forum "Tree Hugging for Environmental Justice"

At the end of February 2009, defenders of the old camphor trees on the site of the Old Songshan Tobacco Factory launched Taiwan's first tree hugging movement. After being forced to relocate the old camphor unfortunately did not receive proper care and died within six months. In the past year of successes and frustrations, Taiwan's "Protect the Trees" movement is gradually finding its way. We hope that this meeting gives fellow tree huggers a chance to meet, share experiences, and grow.



Want to stop Aussie aid to whaling?

Message from Australian Senator Bob Brown: 

Yesterday a Japanese whaling ship in the Southern Ocean rammed the Sea Shepherd vessel Ady Gil. Video footage shows this to be an irresponsible, dangerous and callous act.

In the wake of news the Japanese whaling fleet hired Australian planes from Hobart and Albany to track the Sea Shepherd ships' movements, the Greens will introduce a bill banning activities associated with whaling in Australia when the Senate resumes.


Enkhbat, Member of Great Khural: Not The Time For Corrupted Government Responsible For Uranium Business

Enkhbat, Member of Great Khural: Not The Time For Corrupted Government Responsible For Uranium Business

Published: JUNE 29, 2009



Leader of just society front


(Translated by Uyanga)


Our country stands up 15th in the world by its nuclear power raw material with 63000 tons of uranium recourse. Before 1990, geologists estimated that Mongolia could have 120000  tons uranium resource and if it is approved, our country will stand up 5th place in the world.



APGN 2010 台北見 許我們一個未來


Protesters back renewable energy

NO TO NUCLEAR POWER: The demonstrators also protested a proposal to extend the operating life of the Jinshan nuclear power plant by 20 years

By Vincent Y. Chao STAFF REPORTER - Taipei Times Tuesday, Dec 15, 2009, Page 2 Dozens of protesters gathered outside the Executive Yuan yesterday to urge the government to focus on the creation of renewable energy instead of relying on nuclear power.


Radio Taiwan: Green Party to rally Asian countries

Taiwan's Green Party said Monday that it will call upon other Asian countries to unite to form stronger carbon reduction policies. The request will come during the 2nd Asia-Pacific Greens Network (APGN) meeting to be held in Taiwan next year.

The announcement came from party spokesman Pan Han-shen. Pan said that reduction targets set by developed countries at the recent Climate Summit in Copenhagen have "caused heartbreak among environmentalists." He then spoke about his party's goals for the meeting.


2010 International Focus: Taiwan Selected to Host 2nd Congress of Asia Pacific Greens Network

As 2009 came to a close, the whole world was paying dear attention to the concurrent closing of the Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen, Denmark. After days of summit talks, neither effective consensus nor concrete actions were reached due in large part to the participating countries’ conflicting interests.


2010年國際聚焦: 台灣取得第二屆亞太綠人大會主辦權

本次會議的主題: 【公平分攤、許我們一個綠色未來】


APGN 2010 Announcement - Core Values2010年,一場屬於亞太的環境盛會即將在台灣舉行,為了討論亞太地區的環境、政治與社會議題,將有來自20多個亞太地區國家及歐美地區的代表與會,包括各國國會議員及市議員、各國環境與各領域社會團體代表等,預計來台外賓約150人、國內參與者250人,會議中將針對全球暖化、政府和企業責任、核能議題、和平議題、本土跟國際政治參與和連結等進行討論,亞太地區的環境與綠色政治領袖將齊聚ㄧ堂,共同為改善亞太地區的未來而努力。


本次會議來台講者Vandana Shiva 於哥本哈根發言

Vandana Shiva是印度籍生態女性主義者,物理學家及作家。1993年另類諾貝爾獎(the "Right Livelihood Award", or the "Alternative Nobel Award")得主, 是全球化國際論壇的領導者之一、也是國際知名環境運動者。




APGN organizers respond to Green New Deal challenge

The APGN 2010 Congress Organizers recently published a letter in the Taipei Times (26/11/09) outlining what we would do to promote Green jobs growth in Taiwan, in-line with the goals of the UN-backed Global Green New Deal.




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