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綠人主辦、澳洲綠機構協辦的 「綠色新政」會議。此會議主要目的是聯合國際間綠色組織和環保人權等團體共同探討如何透過國內及國際間的政策推動,促使聯合國環境規劃署(UNEP)於今年2月所提出的「全球綠色新政」(Global Green New Deal, GGND)得以落實。

會議共有三大主題分別為生態、經濟與民主,於此主題下各國綠色組織代表將共同參與各種演講、討論、工作坊及論壇等。活動期間將會有許多當地和國際貴賓出席,包含知名的澳洲綠人主席Bob Brown、塔斯馬尼亞綠黨參議員Christine Milneu、英國作家Tim Jackson,澳洲當地原住民領袖、學者和活動者等。




  有關10月2日媒體報導「我參與氣候公約遭矮化」乙事,經查我非政府組織進行與會報名時,係以我正式國名「R.O.C. Taiwan」作為所在國家名稱,但聯合國屢次擅自將我與會單位聯絡地址資訊強行變更為China,我與會成員於1995年召開氣候公約第一次締約國大會時即向大會提出抗議,爾後歷次與會亦陸續提出書面或口頭抗議,惟涉及聯合國規章,迄今仍未獲妥善處理。過去民進黨執政八年,每年參加締約國大會受到同樣的待遇,其所面臨的國際政治現實及困境與目前相同。因此,部分在野黨人士,近日以此指責馬政府為「一再退守」、「太過分」、「太離譜」,明顯是以放縱自己人,嚴以責人之「雙重標準」誤導民眾,獲取個人政治利益。新政府上台後積極宣示將推動我國有意參與聯合國相關周邊專業組織或公約,則是希望為此困境找到突破與妥善解決之道。


Permaculture at Tu-cheng

In the lead up to the next year's conference the APGN organizers and Taipei-based NGO Earth Passengers, will host a series of Permaculture design classes at the Tu-cheng site.

Starting in or around December, the six classes will aim to teach participants core permaculture design principles and practical applications. A special focus will be placed on how to institute the ideas and concepts emerging from the course in order to satisfy the needs of the conference and enhance overall sustainability at Tu-cheng.


Time for a new approach

New Zealand MP Kennedy Graham says we need to overhaul our political analysis to help us meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Nepalese Climate Action - December 6

THE newly formed network based in Kathmandu, Nepalese Youth for Climate Action, are organising two major events to be held in Butwal and Kathmandu on December 6, 2008.

With the help of local NGOs Clean Energy Nepal (CEN) and Collective Institution for Research and Action (CIRA), many young people have been involved in the organisation of these events.

In Kathmandu, 500 participants will be gathered at a local sports ground to start a Run for Climate.

Joining them will be 50 electric cycles, and local experts and celebrities.


Walk Against Warming, Australia

The Global Day of Action came early to Australia when, on 15 November 2008, a Walk Against Warming saw concerned citizens from Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania and Northern Territory come together in their respective cities to show our political leaders that Australians are deeply concerned about global warming.

These photos are from the Brisbane walk where local campaigners, Elissa Jenkins and Emma Hine, held an APGN banner and were followed behind by many Greens supporters with their Green triangles.




Future of the Global Greens: Taiwan’s Perspective, Taiwan’s Role

Speech by Green Party Taiwan delegate at the Global Greens Congress in São Paulo, Brazil, 3 May 2008

Thank you Global Greens for inviting us to Brazil to take part in this very important conference. Many of you may not know that Brazil does not recognize Taiwan passports, and that our delegation was only able to obtain visas to join this conference on account of the intercession of the Brazilian Green Party. We therefore give our special thanks to the Brazilian Greens and all members of the organizing committee.


Asia Pacific Greens Network (APGN) Kyoto 11—13 February 2005 - Report from Australia

Asia Pacific Greens Network (APGN)

Kyoto 11—13 February 2005 



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