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South Korean government must stop killing of 500-year-old primeval forest right now

South Korea’s Gariwang mountain has been a sanctuary for a primeval forest for centuries, dating back to Joseon dynasty, the country’s last kingdom.


Sea Butterfly. Pearl in a vinegar bottle

By Stafford Ray

This little guy is only 1cm long, but he is a vital link in the chain that feeds billions of people.

He is eaten by fish that eat other fish and we eat them. He goes, people starve.

Sea Butterfly.

Tallest cathedrals

rest on a grain of sand,

Sharing the load

across its billions.


Greens celebrate shark finning victory

The Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand today celebrated another victory as the Government acceded to the calls of over 45,000 Kiwis for a quick end to shark finning.

The National Plan of Action – Sharks has been released today, with a tightened timeframe for the implementation of shark protection measures including a ban on shark finning. The NPOA will ensure that a first tranche of species will be covered by the ban in October 2014, with a second tranche following in October 2015. Blue sharks will be covered in October 2016.




Finding a Safe Operating Space for Humanity – The Planetary Boundaries

by Kennedy Graham

The problem is, our global technology has leapt ahead of our global governance.

The concept of world federalism gripped the popular psyche, and the feigned imagination of some Western leaders, between the inter-state world wars of the 20th century.

It gave way, at the critical moment, to international cooperation amongst sovereign states, acting in the common interest, when the UN Charter was struck.


Greens welcome proposed ban on shark finning

The Green Party today welcomed the Government’s announcement that New Zealand will finally ban shark finning.

Today the National Plan of Action – Sharks was released and it contains a proposal to ban shark finning. Shark finning is the practice of killing a shark, cutting off its fins and discarding the carcass back to sea.

“Shark finning is a hugely wasteful practice, and I’m delighted that the Government have finally acknowledged that we can’t allow this activity to continue in our waters,” Green Party oceans spokesperson Gareth Hughes said.


Metiria’s Mohua wins bird of the year

Green Party Co-leader Metiria Turei is thrilled her campaign for the Mohua was successful in taking  out Forest and Bird’s annual bird of the year competition, and is calling on the Government to derail plans for a monorail to be built in the Mohua’s habitat between Queenstown and Te Anau.

Conservation Minister Nick Smith will be visiting the site of the proposed monorail tomorrow, Wednesday 30 October.


Kangaroo Island - Too Precious To Lose

Dear Asia-Pacific Greens Federation,

My name is Sharon Reid and I work for Australian Greens Senator Penny Wright. As one of our Green colleagues, I wanted to get in touch to let you know about a campaign we’re running.


APGN Biodiversity Survey

Hi APGN Team,

This year we are celebrating the International Year of Biodiversity. In support of this celebration, we would like to explore how APGN can help or assist the members or how the members can work with each other on specific issues like BIODIVERSITY.

APGN would also like to understand and learn about the biodiversity status in your respective countries and the initiatives you are doing.

Please take time to answer this survey ,



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