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election reform

Green Party Korea 2018 Local Election Report

From Feminist Seoul Mayor to Jeju Governor with No Development

“I am a Feminist Candidate for Seoul Mayor.” (Shin, Ji-ye candidate for Seoul Mayor)

“Let’s Vote for our Dream! No Development, Yes Basic Income! (Go, Eun-young candidate for Jeju Island Governor)


A commentary on the UK General Election 2015 - a problem of the electoral system

The UK election is over. The Green Party Korea expresses the deepest gratitude for the UK Green Party’s hard work as a member of the Global Greens. The interesting result of the election was reminiscent of Korean politics.

Sri Lanka 2014 election reflection

By: Kalpana Ambepitiya, Sri Lanka Green Alliance

Sri Lanka’s Southern and Western provincial council elections were held on 29 March 2014.  According to the United People’s Freedom Alliance announcement, the elections were peaceful and showed that the Alliance remains the leading party.


Cambodia – violating global norms

by Kennedy Graham

New Zealanders need to be aware of the current brutal crack-down by government security forces on unarmed peaceful protests in Cambodia, last week.  We have about 7,000 citizens of Khmer descent in our country now, and have contributed some $1 million to the Khmer Rouge trials. It is morally incumbent on us all to be vigilant about what happens there.



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