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Campaign Conversations with Voters and Volunteers

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Here is a framework for conversations that can be effective in moving people to action – whether voters or volunteers. Try using these steps in your face-to-face conversations or phone calls.

Survival Tips for Candidates and Campaigners

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Looking After Yourself Before and After the Elections

It’s fantastic you’ve stepped up to be a candidate or campaigner for the Federal Election. It’s likely this experience will be (and already is!) challenging and demanding, but we hope it will also be rewarding, satisfying and skills-building. Here are some tips to keep you going strong throughout the campaign.

Conversation Tips for Volunteers

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Conversation tips for volunteers

Here are some tips to get the most out of conversations with members of the public as part of the Australian Greens federal election campaign.

Initiate contact!

Green sweep in best ever local Government result for NZ Green Party

The results are a clear signal that New Zealanders want representatives at both local and central Goverment level who care about people and who care about the environment

With Christine Milne at the helm, the Greens' future is secure

By James Norman, The Sydney Morning Herald

In the weeks following the Federal election the Greens have been subject to a rising tide of media-fuelled speculation focused on the departure of staff and a lowered election vote as evidence the party is in decline and the leadership of Christine Milne is under threat.


Greens celebrate election of Senators Janet Rice & Sarah Hanson-Young

"I am delighted that Janet Rice will be joining our strong Greens team in Canberra, reinforced today with the re-election of Senator Sarah Hanson-Young in South Australia," Australian Greens Leader Senator Christine Milne said.

"We have a huge job ahead of us standing up to the excesses of Tony Abbott and we need Janet Rice's and Sarah Hanson-Young's experience and passion."


Ten Reflections for the German Greens

The mistakes of the campaign should be a chance for the Greens to learn and develop a new story. Ten theses are presented to start the discussion.

Australian Greens leadership ballot re-elects Christine Milne and Adam Bandt

The Australian Greens held a leadership ballot this morning re-electing Senator Christine Milne and Adam Bandt MP as Leader and Deputy Leader unopposed.

The leadership ballot happens after every general election.

Senator Christine Milne said the Australian Greens return to parliament as a united team.

"The Australian Greens have held our seats and won one more despite the unprecedented attacks on our party in this year's federal election," Senator Milne said.


Reforming the Australian Electoral System

The scandalous preferential voting system for the upper house must be changed.

By. Bob Brown 

The grabbing of Senate seats by micro-party candidates with a handful of primary votes and a manipulated preference flow, while other party candidates with hundreds of thousands of votes are bypassed, is a matter demanding reform.


Where To Now For The Australian Greens?

By Lee Rhiannon, https://newmatilda.com/2013/09/11/where-now-greens

The Greens' lower house vote fell this election - but Adam Bandt was re-elected and the party won an extra senate berth. Senator Lee Rhiannon reflects on the results



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