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Australia Election Study Tour

During the 2013 Australian Federal elections, the Australian Greens held an electoral study tour program for Greens from the Asia-Pacific Greens Federation to participate in the Australian Greens’ election campaign and voting system in Perth and Sydney. Study tour participants included Bernadette Rounds Ganilau from Fiji, Rior Santos from the Philippines, Dorothy Tekwie from Papua New Guinea, Henry Zimbo from the Solomon Islands, Liaquat Ali Sheikh from Pakistan and Keli Yen from Taiwan. My study tour was hosted by the Greens in Perth.

Australia swings right. Greens hold Senate seats and win Melbourne

Australia has swung to the right. It’s not a landslide but the conservative Abbott government will have a comfortable majority in the new parliament. The Greens are jubilant about holding Adam Bandt’s seat in the House of Representatives with a massive swing of 7.8% giving him a primary vote of 43.4% (the lower house of parliament has single member electorates and preferential voting). The Greens are also more likely than not to have ten Senators in the new parliament, one more than at present (Senators are elected by proportional representation). This is a brilliant outcome. The Green vote was 8.4%, about 3% down from the previous election, probably due to a combination of factors including the fact the environment was kept completely off the election agenda by the old parties, the leadership change to Christine Milne still being relatively recent, and an ‘incumbency’ effect from the Greens having been in a formal alliance with Labor in the previous government.

Australia Election Understorey

Wednesday 4th September / posted by Elizabeth PO’ Adrian Glamorgan


Greens' YOHEI MIYAKE makes a legendary "Campaign MC" on his first day of 2013 Japan Upper House Elections (Part 1/2)

Greens Japan Candidate and artist YOHEI MIYAKE makes his premier appearance in Kichichoij, Tokyo, 4 July 2013 on the first day of Japan's 2013 Upper House Elections. (video now available with English subtitles!)


Positive factor - the Miyake Yohei Movement: Politically aware younger generation and their eager anticipation for change

Miyake Yohei ( recommended by Green Party: picture left ) and Taro Yamamoto ( from his own party : picture right ) are the 2 most significant individuals running the campaign for the current ongoing upper house election, at least for those who really want to bring real change in Japan's politics. This charismatic combo, both still in their 30's, have been gaining massive support among the major cities' youth and green conscious voters since they teamed up.


Brand new style of “Election Festival” on 14th July in Shibuya, Japan

Greens Japan (co-representative, Nao Suguro) fields 10 candidates for the Upper House election. The voting day will be 21st July. One of our candidates Yohei Miyake is contesting this election with his unique and new style of "Election Festival” like a summer music festival. He makes political speech with high quality music and young people love this!


Assassinat d'un militant du parti Vert au Pakistan

Liaquat Ali Shaikh (Pakistan) a ecrit:

Hier l'un des sympathisants du Parti Vert, M.Shahnawaz Panhwer a ete tue par des assassins non-identifies a Dadu, dans le province de Sindh.

Quelques jours avant son assassinat il avait organise a l'intention du candidat electoral du Parti Vert du PS-73 M.Imriaz Panhwer (qui soutenait le bloc de l'opposition politique contre le parti sortant) une grande assemblee publique dans son village. Sa femme nous a dit que deux personnes etaient venus lui demander qui il soutenait, et apres sa reponse ils lui ont tire dessus.


Pakistan Green Party Activist's Assassination

The Asia Pacific Greens are appalled by the assassination of Shahanawaz Pahwer in Pakistan. We extend our condolences to Shahanawaz Pahwer's family, friends and people of Pakistan who like him also strive for social justice.


Vanuatu Elects Green Prime Minister

Vanuatu's Parliament has elected the Greens' leader Moana Carcasses as the country's new prime minister.

Moana Carcasses Kalosil is also the first naturalised citizen to become prime minister since Vanuatu gained independence more than thirty years ago. Previously, PM Carcasses held positions of Minister for Foreign Affairs, 2003—2004, Minister for Finance, 2004—2005 and Leader of the Opposition, 2007-08. He served in former PM Sato Kilman's (who resigned last week) cabinet holding positions of Minister of Finance and, most recently, Parliamentary Secretary.


Korean Greens vote with sortition democracy

Dear Greens,



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