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Australian Senate calls for free and fair elections in Cambodia

The Australian Greens called on Foreign Minister Bob Carr to push for free and fair elections in Cambodia, following Senate support for a motion moved by Senator Christine Milne.

Senator Milne’s motion supports similar efforts passed by the European Parliament and the Parliament of the Philippines, in accordance with recommendations of the UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights who identified major flaws in the process and called for media freedom, freedom of expression and assembly, and the release of political prisoners.




The New Zealand Greens campaign story

Read a wonderful case study of how the New Zealand Greens increased their votes by 65% and was cited by mainstream journalists as the best run campaign of all the parties.  The following article was published in the Australian Greens magazine this June 2012:

New Zealand’s population would fit nicely into a small city Australians like to call Melbourne. Small population?  Sure, but a country full of innovation and big ideas. The 2011 Green Party election campaign was no exception.


Nepal calls elections as constitution deadline passes

Nepal's prime minister has announced elections in six months time after the country's political parties failed to agree a new constitution.

Members of a special assembly have been struggling for years to find consensus ahead of Sunday's deadline.

The parties were divided on the issue of whether states in the new federal system in Nepal should be formed and named along ethnic lines.

Baburam Bhattarai said there was "no alternative" to fresh elections.


We made history: lessons for learning from co-directing a Scottish election landslide campaign

I thought the below article on the use of social media in a very successful recent campaign might be on interest to those parties heading into elections soon. A small team at the Scottish National Party had a budget of $3,000 and just 100 days – and they created a landslide result. This case study is being looked at closely by election planners here in Australia. Cheers, Anna

Greens gain seats in U.K. local elections

In local elections across the United Kingdom, the Green Party is celebrating progress after adding new councillors and defending existing seats in England and Scotland, including retaining seats on the London Assembly, Norwich and Glasgow City Councils and doubling the number of city councillors in Edinburgh.

Green Party celebrate steady progress in local election polls

The Green Party of England and Wales are celebrating a night of steady progress after they added to their number of councillors and successfully defended seats in existing strongholds.

The inspiring presidential candidacy of Pekka Haavisto

Haavisto’s 37.4 percent was the the highest total for any Green running for president anywhere in the world. How did a Green rise to such a level? With a proportional representation electoral system in Finland that allows minority parties to have a real voice in decision-making, the Greens did not necessarily need an impressive showing in the presidential elections to establish credibility among the political establishment or the electorate. Even now the Greens are partners in the current government coalition, with Ville Niinistö serving as Minister of the Envi­ronment, and Heidi Hautala as the Minister of International Development—the second time they’ve been part of the governing coalition in Finland. On the local level, the Greens are very much a force to be reckoned with, including in the city of Helsinki, where they are actually the second-largest party in the City Council.

Elections to Be Proud Of

The president of East Timor explains why an election he lost'' is really a victory.

Elected Greens


Green Party members holding elected office

Since the first Green Parties were founded in Tasmania and New Zealand in 1972, Greens have been elected to thousands of seats around the globe in local, regional, national and international parliaments. Use the links below to find out about more about elected Greens around the world.


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