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UKPP starts preparation for Assembly polls

Dehradun, 13 February 2012, Tribune News Network
The Uttarakhand Parivarthan Party (UPP) has started its preparation for the Assembly election of 2012 by giving directions to strengthen the party at the district and village levels, and also prepare a list of possible candidates. It was also decided to emerge as the third front with the help of like-minded political parties if needed against the BJP and the Congress.


Nepal Election Commission seeks clarifications from parties for failing to submit financial details

KATHMANDU, Jan 29: Election Commission (EC) on Saturday issued a public notice against various 30 political parties including the ruling Madhesi parties to furnish clarifications within next 15 days as to why they failed to submit the details of their incomes and expenditures.

Issuing a public notice on Saturday, the EC has also sought clarifications as to why the parties should not be punished as per the provisions made in the Act Related to Political Parties (2058 BS) for failing to submit their financial details within the stipulated deadline.


Election 2011: Greens learn from past campaigns

Lauded as the best campaign of the election, the Greens 2011 effort owed its success to an early spadework, the party's mounting experience, and lessons learned from its bigger rivals, key party insiders say.

Green Party communications director Andrew Campbell said the "biggest thing we did that was good" was to start work on the campaign "a year if not two years out".

Greens' campaign manager Megan Salole said a vital part of that early work was focus group testing.


'Historic night' for Green Party

Green Party co-leader Russel Norman said the election night was historic for the Greens and for New Zealand.

For the first time, the party broke through the 10% threshold and has increased ing its number of MPs from nine to 13.

Dr Norman said the party went into the election hoping to get 10% of the party vote and exceeded expectations.

He said the Greens had cemented their place as the third party of New Zealand politics.

Dr Norman said it had taken a fair while to get to this point but had been a worthwhile struggle.


New Zealand Green Party campaign wraps up

The Green Party wrapped up its campaign today in Auckland with a free concert and reminder to get out and vote for jobs, rivers, and kids on Saturday.

"A vote for the Greens is a vote for a richer New Zealand in the things that really matter. A richer New Zealand will have clean rivers, healthy kids, and jobs that are good for our environment and our economy," Green Party Co-leader Metiria Turei said.

"The Greens are ready to get back into Parliament with more MPs and more energy than ever before to start working on our priority areas of jobs, rivers, and kids.


「綠黨」履歷文宣 向人民應徵立委


Albert Oung - Green Party Hong Kong

Albert is running for a seat on the Hong Kong District Council in Kwai Fong District. The election is on 6 November.  The APGN wishes you a successful election Albert!

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Taiwan Green Party nominates 10 legislative candidates

‘HEAL THE WOUNDED LAND’:Candidates put forward a number of platforms that include calling for the early retirement of nuclear power plants and tree protectionStaff Writer, with CNA


The Green Party Taiwan (GPT) will nominate 10 candidates for the district legislators election in January, with the list to be released at the end of the month, spokesman Pan Han-shen (潘翰聲) said on Saturday.


Greens enjoy taste of power in Australia's parliament

The rise of the Australian Greens has come at the very moment when public support for forceful action on climate change is in decline. Future historians could be forgiven for finding this anomalous, because what appear to be two countervailing trends are occurring in parallel. However, they are part of the same phenomenon.



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