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Calls for Release of Liaquat Ali Shaikh

The Asia Pacific Greens Network (APGN) requests the release by the Pakistani authorities of Mr. Liaquat Ali Shaikh, Chairperson of the Pakistan Green Party. 


APGN Statement on 10/19/2011 Third Papuan Congress and Indonesia state forces conflict

The Asia Pacific Greens Network

Demands that all parties involved in the Third Papuan Congress and Indonesia state forces conflict, which erupted on 10/19/2011, commit to nonviolence, participatory democracy, social justice, and human rights.


The incident:

On October 19, 2011 Indonesian military forces violently intervened in the Third Papuan Congress’ meeting, at least six congress participants are reported dead and dozens of people including the congress organisers were arrested due to this intervention.


Nuclear Energy is Not The Way

PARTIDO KALIKASAN would like to convey our deepest condolences and sympathy to all the victims of the recent natural disaster in Japan. The meltdown of Fukushima nuclear power plant north of Tokyo on the other hand is far from completely being a natural disaster. This is bad human judgment to opt for nuclear energy despite all its inherent dangers. The current disaster has raised serious threat not only to Japanese citizens but also to humanity.


Mongolian Green Movement Statement: "We are very proud of Dr.Norman"

Dear Greens Dear Dr. Norman from NZ Greens, Dear Senator Bob Brown, Dear APGN-Greens!

We, the Mongolian Green movement, are very shocked by seeing of all this pictures! 

We are 100% agree with Senator Brown and want to express our opinion the same way: "Wellington is not Lhasa!". 

I got a very similar feeling here in Mongolia because of China's state policy, especially because of the Mining industry.  Now we, Mongolians, can't feel really as a independent state. All the corruptions, secret trading network of toxic chemicals... 


Nature Conservation Party, Nepal Statement: Condemns Chinese security treatment of NZ Greens Leader Russel Norman.

The Nature Conservation Party, Nepal strongly condemns the inhuman behavior of the Chinese security people on NZ Greens Leader Russel Norman. This incident indicates that democracy is under attack and risk too. This type of anti-democratic behavior is not acceptable anywhere in the world.

The time has come to unite all the green parties all over the world to strongly raise a voice.

If we collectively do not speak on this case, more and more greens like Russel Norman will be the victims of the anti-human and anti-democratic people like Chinese security people in the future.


Global Greens mourn Floribert Chebeya: Mongolian Green Movement Statement

Dear Global Green Friends and Dear APGN Greens!

We send our deep condolences and sympathy to Mr Chebeya's family and friends! 
For all his Humanity and all his Charity he will stay in our hearts forever!

We, the Mongolian Greens, the Mongolian Green Movement, are very sad and angry to hear about this criminal Step of Congo's government to kill the Human right Activist Mr Floribert Chebea! 


Incident outside Parliament – Russel Norman’s statement

This morning the Leader of the New Zealand Greens, Russel Norman was assaulted by Chinese security personnel travelling with  Chinese Vice-President  Xi Jinping .


China: Drop Charges Against Tibetan Environmental Philanthropist

Trumped-Up Case Against Karma Samdrup Follows Imprisonment of Relatives    JUNE 10, 2010

These are test cases for the Chinese government. These people embody the characteristics the government says it wants in modern Tibetans – economically successful, lending support to only approved cultural and environmental pursuits, and apolitical – yet they, too, are being treated as criminals.


China: Drop Charges Against Tibetan Environmental Philanthropist

The China Green Party support this action of Human Rights Watch:in the following HRW  press release .
 China: Drop Charges Against Tibetan Environmental Philanthropist




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